Plant Better Berries and Grapes

Climbing Plants – Five Types of Climbers to Know

Get acquainted with the five main types of climbing plants. Find out how they grow and where you should and should not plant them.

Trellises – So Many Choices! But Which Is Best?

There are many different types of trellises available. So how do you know which is the best? This article serves as a guide to helping you choose the right type of trellis for your application.

Backyard Gardening – Essential Tips

Many people just let their backyards just sit there untouched when they could be using them so much more! Your yard should be a place you love to visit and explore. There are many options for you to choose from.

Garden Care And Maintenance – Feeding Garden Plants In The Spring

In dry, Mediterranean and hot summer regions, it makes a good deal of sense to get the job of feeding the garden plants completed at the very onset of spring or even at the end of winter. There are two compelling reasons for this. The first one is that spring is the season when the gardener has so many tasks that simply have to be carried out, such as pruning and clipping evergreen shrubs, weeding and planting, that it’s best logistically, that the feeding be well out the way before the onslaught starts.

A Guide On To How To Create Impact In Your Garden With A Piece Of Garden Sculpture

Our guide to helping you to choose the perfect sculpture for your garden whether Classical or contemporary. The Romans were the first Europeans to use statuary ornamentally in their homes and gardens, often plundering sacred pieces from Greek temples to create a look that was full of drama and interest to the viewer. With the revival of Classicism in the 18th century, gardens were filled with statuary fraught with metaphor, such as the Temple of the British Worthies, which looks up the hill at Stowe, Gloucestershire, to the “wise forbears” in the Temple of Ancient Virtue.

Tips For Better Lawn Garden Care

If you want to be sure that the landscape around your home is beautiful and in the best possible condition, then you will want to be sure that you properly take care of the lawn garden portions of your landscape design. It is very important that correct maintenance of the lawn is carried out so that they not only stay attractive but also healthy. In most cases, the lawns are the most expansive and first noticed areas of the overall landscape.

Trumpet Vines – Spectacular Flowering Plants For A Mediterranean Landscape Garden

A sure way of creating a simple, unified, yet interesting and stimulating garden composition is to use different plants that nonetheless have a lot in common with each other. Trumpet vines, as spectacular flowering shrubs, are a fine example of this.

Garden Full Of Colors

The winter is about to end in few days and that’s the time for us to think about our gardens. When we choosing our plants and thinking about the style of garden lets not forget about the colors…of floor and garden furniture. Choosing them wisely will bring a great result.

The Reluctant Gardening Calendar – March

Well, March is really the beginning of spring, isn’t it? A million daffodils can’t be wrong, can they? Mind you, you could have fooled me this morning when I was crunching hailstones under foot, freezing cold and soaking wet dragging a thoroughly unappreciative dog across the fields!

The Elegant Japanese Maple Bonsai

If you are creative, growing the Japanese Maple Bonsai is a great way to make use of your creativity. When growing the Bonsai Tree, you have a variety of choices. The best choice for those who are just beginning to get into this hobby is the Japanese Maple Bonsai.

The Japanese Art of Growing the Indoor Bonsai Tree

Growing the indoor Bonsai Tree is actually the Japanese art form of cultivating miniature trees. These trees are very similar to their larger counterparts with the exception that they are grown in pots and the constant pruning does not allow them to reach full size, making it an indoor Bonsai Tree. The art of growing these trees is thought to have originated in ancient China, where men who were healers would grow plants for medicinal purposes.

Indoor Bonsai Tree Care

Properly caring for your Indoor Bonsai Tree is essential, but by simply following a few growing procedures, you can grow some really beautiful Bonsai Trees. If you merely keep these few basic tips in mind you should have no problem growing the indoor Bonsai Tree. The First thing you should keep in mind when growing the indoor Bonsai Tree is choosing the right growing environment.

Caring For The Indoor Bonsai Tree

The indoor Bonsai Tree is a beautiful addition to any home or office, and once you learn how to care for these unique trees, they are a great hobby. Indoor Bonsai Trees are actually a miniature replica of a natural outdoor tree. The cultivation of the indoor Bonsai Tree first began in China and Japan centuries ago, but today growing the Bonsai Tree has become a popular hobby in many parts of the world.

Tips On How To Keep You Garden Healthy In A Hot Summer

Pots and containers can be very demanding during hot, dry weather. Go for pelargoniums, cordylines, phormiums and all succulents (echeverias, sedums and sempervivums) as they don’t need much water. Say no to peturias, verbenas, busy lizzies, heucheras and any plant whose label says it needs plenty of water!

Tips On How To Drought Proof Your Garden So Your Plants And Lawn Are Not Ruined In Hot Weather

Tips on how to drought-proof your garden With these fantastic schemes, your garden will look healthy and lush all summer – it can be so easy to do Keeping your garden green and gorgeous all summer can be tricky but, if you choose your plants carefully, you won’t have to worry about them drooping when the weather’s hot. Follow our four top tips for a sumptuous summer garden: Choose sun worshippers One drought-beating strategy is to use plenty of plants that come from hot, Mediterranean climates. These have adapted to conditions with …

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