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Green Gardening is Going to Be in the Green!

The increased popularity of gardening and going green is a great opportunity for businesses to market their services to a new potential client base. The American Middle Class is known to be big on gardening and according to the data released in the Fall 2008 Simmons Survey, it looks like all American Middle Class groups are planning to garden more over the next year.

Things to Remember When Growing Tomatoes From Seeds

In this article we’ll look a bit closer on the subject of growing tomatoes from seeds – the very beginning of their existence. I will describe the planting process in detail with regard to the soil, containers, amount of seeds that you should use and few other things (like labeling different varieties of tomato plants etc.) Enjoy!

Tips For Growing Plants in a Home Garden

If you are interested in growing a garden, there are many things you can do to make sure you grow plants just right. This article is abut how to grow the plans in your garden like a professional.

The Types of Bonsai Trees

What are the types of Bonsai trees that you can grow? Is there such a thing as an indoor Bonsai tree? In this article I discuss the types of Bonsai trees that exist.

Odor Free Composting in 3 Steps

Have you considered home composting, but are reluctant because of the perception that compost bins are smelly? If so, you can stop worrying now! In this article, we’ll explain the 3 simple steps you can follow to begin home composting that is virtually odor free!

Natural & Organic Fruit Tree Sprays

Fruit trees should be sprayed in early spring before the bud opens in order to kill overwintering insects/insect eggs nestled in the crevices of your fruit trees. However, in order to safeguard your health and that of the environment, consider using one of the environmentally safe natural or organic fruit tree sprays which are every bit as capable of killing overwintering insects and insect larvae. Any of the following organic and natural fruit tree sprays will do the job: a lime sulfur/horticultural oil mixture, a horticultural oil/water mixture, and a homemade spray made up of natural ingredients.

Color Planning Key to Garden

When one throws tulip bulbs in the ground, the primary thought is not of the calloused bulbs at hand, but the color of the flower the following spring. The same can be said in midspring when it’s time to bury gladiolus corms. Color can both make and ruin a garden, and garden writers have gotten rich devoting whole chapters to the differences between tints and hues and shades, and the efficacious use of the color spectrum wheel.

Peonies – Planting, Staking and Deadheading

Peonies are classic garden perennials, prized for their handsome foliage, longevity and huge blooms in late spring. Their fragrant and long-lasting blooms grace your home on the bush and when cut. They’re deer and drought resistant, too. Lovely!

Homeowners Turn to ‘Recession Gardens’ to Save Green on Greens

As the economy slumps, homeowners across the country are finding innovative ways to save money on various monthly expenses such as groceries. The latest trend: “recession gardens”.

Grow Your Vegetables Yourself

I bought some vegetable pot plants last year. There were cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, telegraph cucumber, green and red peppers, and some other goodies. Growing your own vegetables and fruits is the best way to assure that you will get 100% nutrient of the food you eat.

Why You Want a Wormery

A wormery is a surprisingly tidy and efficient way to recycle your kitchen waste. This compact item can be kept inside your home and worms are fast workers, speedily converting your waste into excellent compost. Most wormeries also have the bonus of producing a nutritious liquid plant feed, known as “compost tea”. According to WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme), 6.7 million tonnes of food is wasted every year – about a third of the food we buy – making a startling impact on carbon emissions (WRAP’s website). Recycling waste is crucial, saving transport costs and reducing the methane produced by landfill sites. You may have read up on the benefits of composting but why would you bother with a wormery? Read on…

When to Plant Vegetable Garden Plants?

The most frequently asked question by many gardeners is when to plant vegetable garden plants?. I will tell you the answer of this question. The answer is, it depends upon certain conditions which you are…

Cultivating Cattleya Orchids

If you have cattleya orchids or if you want to learn about cattleya orchids then you must read this article. Learn how to pot your orchids, how much light they need, and what are the best conditions for them to live in. You will find all that information here in this article.

Grow Black, Blue Or Green Veggies in Your Garden

Growing your own food is becoming more popular as food prices rise and families look at cutting back expenses. Another reason the home garden is gaining in popularity is the number of food recalls due to poorly regulated food manufacturers and distributors. Salmonella, botulism and E.coli contamination is becoming very commonplace in the news.

Organic Gardening – Growing Yard Long Green Beans

Growing yard long green beans in your organic vegetable garden. This is a crop that likes warm climates to thrive. It is a plant that needs a trellis to grow on and a loose fertile soil that is not to high in nitrogen.

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