Perennial Selections – Sunburst Honey Locust

Cymbidium Orchid

You are looking for, or already have, a lovely Cymbidium orchid plant and now you are looking to provide the best Cymbidium orchid care. What should you do, or not do, for your Cymbidium orchid? This article will help you with some of your Cymbidium orchid care questions.

Rotary Lawn Mowers – The Early Days

The first lawn mower was invented in 1827. Early lawn mowers of the time were push mowers that required the owner to guide the lawn mower across their lawns, as the turning wheels would also turn a series of blades that systematically trimmed the grass on the home owner’s lawn. However, as time went on the lawn mower continued to evolve.

Going Organic – You Have To Consider Push Reel Mowers

Caring for an organic lawn is not an easy task. It requires a degree of commitment and hard work from the landowner. But when you consider that your lawn will be much cleaner, and safer for the children to play on than a yard covered in pesticides and fertilizers, and you may quickly see that the extra effort is well worth it.

Cool Season Grass Options

If you live in the northern parts of the world, you will need to pick a cool season grass for your lawn. Learn what grass types are best for your climate.

Summer Mowing Tips

When it comes to lawn care and making sure that your grass looks picture perfect, there are several different things you, as the homeowner, need to do. Taking a lawnmower over your grass every couple of weeks is simply not enough if you want your grass to have that lush, healthy green to it. While mowing is not all you have to do, it is an important first step.

Want Organic Fertilizer? Consider Compost

There are many different kinds of organic fertilizers. Many things ranging from manure to bone and blood meal can be used to improve your lawn. However, far and away the most popular form of organic fertilization is in the form of compost.

Fertilizing Your Lawn? Better Consider Eutrophication

It goes without saying that fertilizer, when used responsibly, is a vital part of keeping anyone’s garden or lawn looking and growing healthily. However, the use of fertilizers is not without its risks, and those who have never handled fertilizer before will want to be extra careful. One of the most common complaints is the ever-present risk of over-fertilization.

Top 10 Gardening First Aid Tips

Everyone would agree that gardening can be fun and relaxing, but one must be prepared with first aid in any case. Gardening requires that one is out for long periods of time in the sun, using tools of all kinds, maybe using ladders, possibly dealing with poison ivy, not to mention bugs, bees, and allergies to mention the most common.

Watering Lawns During The Summer In Mediterranean And Arid Climate Gardens

There are many factors behind growing a successful lawn. Suitable irrigation is the most crucial of them during the summer in dry, Mediterranean climates.

Orchid Home Garden

Are you overwhelmed by the huge numbers of orchids to choose for your home and garden? This article will help answer some of your orchid home garden questions.

Moth Orchid Care

You have some lovely Moth orchid plants and want to provide the best orchid care. Worried about orchid care regarding the correct room temperature, humidity requirements and watering? This article will help you answer your orchid care questions.

Grape Growing – Some Basic Tips For The Home Grape Growing Gardener

Are you interested in growing your own grapes? This article will teach you the basics of grape growing in order to help you maintain a successful home grown grape garden.

Choosing The Right Type Of Gardening For You

Typical gardening takes place in an area referred as the garden. But, generally, it can be your front lawn, in an atrium, in a window box, on the patio, or even on the roof.

The Lawn At Your Bronx New Home

When you finally decide to buy that home in New York and you settle on something that catches your eye, don’t forget to play it safe and include a home inspection in the Bronx as part of the cost. That way you’ll be sure to know everything about any trouble spots that you might need to face, and having a professional take a look at the place from top to bottom will free you up to focus on some of the more cosmetic aspects of your new home.

Plant An Organic Garden For Delicious, Healthy Vegetables

The benefits of consuming organic products, such as fruits and vegetables, are widely known. However, the high cost of organic food discourages many people from purchasing it. The good news is that anyone with a modest vegetable plot can cultivate fresh organic vegetables at a much lower .cost than buying them in a grocery store

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