Perennial Selections – Deodar Cedar

Shade Garden Tips – How to Design a Relaxing, Beautiful Shade Garden

Learn how to design a *beautiful* shady garden that gives you a refreshing rest from the hot sun. Many gardeners would love to have a shade garden but aren’t sure how to do it successfully. Learn the best way to plan out a shade garden (Including a crucial mistake most gardeners make!), Shade garden plants – What types you should include, and much more!

Attracting Hummingbirds – How to Create a Garden That Hummingbirds Find “Irresistible”

Learn exactly what kind of garden appeals to hummingbirds. Discover what flowers and plants attract hummingbirds (also what ones to avoid!), Common hummingbird garden mistake revealed, Important tip on feeders, Why you should *never* use pesticides, and much more!

Why is There Lead in My Fertilizer?

Using chemical fertilizers? Well, think again. Irregardless of whether you are farming a hundred acres, maintaining a small garden in the backyard or just consuming fruits and vegetables from your local grocery store, you should be forewarned. The findings of scientists and researchers analyzing the effects of chemical fertilizers should scare you.

Three Advantages of Having Your Own Organic Vegetable Garden

Having your own organic vegetable garden has many wonderful advantages to it. The number one advantage of having your own vegetable garden is the enhanced flavor your produce will have. Your own home-grown organic vegetables will taste so much better than the commercially grown vegetables sold at the grocery store.

Tips When Starting Your Own Organic Garden

When growing a Organic Garden theres things that can happen such as: Plants grown in more shade than they like, suffer greatly from this effect because top and root growth slows and soils tend to stay wetter increasing the rate of organic decomposition. Plants require more time, energy, and care to control pests and diseases than they expected. To address these problems, homeowners use chemical treatments and pesticides that endanger human health and safety, and create an environment that makes plants dependent on routine and expensive property maintenance contracts.

Growing Tomatoes – Little Known Secrets to Growing Ripe & Juicy Organic Tomatoes

Growing and enjoying your own tasty, mouth watering tomatoes for this garden season is easy once you follow these simple steps. Covers the crucial mistake that destroys most people’s tomato garden (and how to avoid it), outlines easy ‘tricks’ that will make your tomato plants grow healthier, and much more!

New Uses For Your Square Foot Garden Veggies

What do you do if you have a monster tomato plant and you have 30-40 tomatoes all ripen at the same time? What about when you have 10 giant cucumbers sitting in your fridge waiting to be eaten and you can’t stomach the idea of another cucumber sandwich? Or flocks of bush beans that you didn’t realize should have been staggered several weeks apart? I have the solution … BUILD YOUR FOOD STORAGE!

Garden Plans – How to Create a Breathtaking Garden Using Simple Planning Methods

Discover crucial planning steps that lead to the perfect garden. Garden planning secrets that raise the value of your home, creative ideas on where to place your organic garden, how to know what colors to include in your garden, and what NOT to do – don’t make this deadly mistake that ruined one man’s garden.

Grow Backyard Incense

If you are interested in producing your own homegrown incense, right in your backyard, then there are two particular plants that are absolutely ideal. The first is sweetgrass, or Hierochloe odorata. Sweetgrass primarily grows in Canada, however, you can also find it sprouting up in northern Europe. Sweetgrass possesses a vanilla-like scent, and is commonly used for making dried braids in addition to incense. The other plant that is very suitable for growing your own incense is white sage (Salvia apiana), which is also known as “bee sage” or “sacred sage”.

Get Mowed Over – How to Know When to Mow

How do you know when to mow? Check out the easy tips in this article and take the guesswork out of it!

Don’t Get Cut Short! Three Rules For Mowing Your Lawn

Mowing your lawn is one of the most basic home owner chores you may have. Believe it or not, though, there are some things you need to keep in mind when it comes to properly mowing your lawn. Mowing is not just about keeping your lawn looking nice, but also about keeping your grass healthy.

Grass Issues – To Bag Or Not to Bag

One of the most basic and possibly mundane actions you have to perform on your lawn is to mow it. Every Saturday or Sunday you fire up the lawn mower, push it out into the yard, and begin the routine: push down, back, down, empty the bag, and repeat. Do you have to empty the bag, though?

Rose Growing For the Love of It

There is nothing more beautiful than a healthy vibrant rose or a slowly unfurling rose bud. Take good care of your roses and they will shine for you.

Reasons Black Homeowners Should Start a Container Garden Now!

How to container garden continues to grow popular and for good reasons. With food prices predicted to rise further due to gas prices, plus flooding and tornadoes in the Midwest , starting a garden seems like a wise decision. More people, especially African Americans, look for solutions and answers to relieve the cost of feeding their families. An increasing number find starting a garden the answer. After all that’s what got most of our ancestor through tight financial times. Discover the latest tips to growing your own organic fruits and vegetables in urban areas.

How to Keep Your Garden Healthy Without Buying Fertilizer

Most Australian homes have a garden where flowers and vegetables are grown. To maintain your garden’s health, you need soil that’s in good condition and right for the kind of plants you keep. You can invest in fertilizers, potting mixes, mulch and compost. All these things need to be purchased regularly, and the cost can add up. A more sustainable way to keep your garden healthy is to recycle your kitchen waste.

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