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Is Maintaining The Perfect Lawn a Really Good Idea?

Is striving for the perfect lawn good for the environment? Learn some of the common complaints and advantages of having a lawn.

Choosing The Right Grass Type

People who live in Michigan don’t have the same kinds of grass as people who live in New Mexico. People in Texas don’t have the same kinds of grass as the people in Virginia. No matter where you live in the United States, you have grass in your yard that has grown there, in the same climate, for potentially hundreds of years.

Flowers – What Do They Mean?

Flowers are a timeless way of showing affection, saying “I’m sorry”, or wishing someone good luck. But instead of just randomly picking out blooms in a flower shop, wouldn’t you like to know the meaning behind the flowers you’re sending? Then the recipient will not only receive a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, they will receive a handcrafted message just from you. Greeting cards have nothing on flowers; their meanings are ancient, deep, and embedded in their very being. Below are some of the most popular flowers, and what they symbolize.

The Lighter Side Of Roses

Roses are probably the most popular flower on the planet. The cost of a dozen for your best girl on Valentine’s Day could get you, well a half tank of gas today. So this makes them even more popular to grow at home. We’ll look at some basics in light requirements for anyone struggling with their rose harvests.

Choosing & Using Pots & Tubs in the Garden

When deciding what containers to use in your garden or outdoor space consider what type of plants you want to use and the decorative effect that the container(s) of choice has on the surroundings as well as the size and type of space you have available. Below is a description of a variety of containers each with different qualities and requirements. Hopefully there is enough information included here to help you to utilize garden containers to maximize effect.

Garden Soil – Naturally Sterilizing Garden Soils With Solar

Sterilizing the soil in your garden isn’t usually a common garden task. However, in some instances such as nematode infestation, it may be necessary. Here’s a natural method that will give you great results.

Raised Vegetable Gardens – Great Benefits You’ll Love

Are you looking for a great way to grow vegetables in your own yard? If so, then a raised vegetable garden may be just what you need. Sure, it will start out a bit more expensive and it can take some hard work, but a raised vegetable garden has a variety of benefits that will make the cost well worth it over time.

Lawn Care – Regular Mowing Through The Summer For Excellent Results

In climates typified by long, hot, dry summers, it is not possible to grow a beautiful lawn without an automatic irrigation system, designed, installed, and operated to professional standards. Neither is success likely if certain essential, seasonal tasks are not carried out, especially dethatching in the spring, and feeding at the onset of autumn as well as in spring. There remain therefore the “ordinary” tasks that need to be routinely performed during the grass’s primary growing season – the summer.

Growing Roses – Planning Your Rose Garden

Spring is here and gardening is in full swing! Growing roses is a great way to enjoy the gardening process and grow something beautiful. With a little bit of planning, you’ll be growing roses in no time!

Care Of Roses

Roses are very beautiful flowers loved by many people across the world, the rose has always been a symbol of love and affection.With the sweet smell and the beautiful flowers these plants produce it is quite impossible not to have some type of rose plant in your garden. Plant Health Care is a strategy for keeping plants stress free by considering factors related to growing and maintaining the plant.

Garden Tools – Essential Tools To Buy For Your Garden

Make your garden chores easy when you use the right tool for each job in the garden. This simple guide offers the advice you need before you going shopping. You’ll be coming home with the right tools in hand.

Choosing Plants For Your Garden

Most of the time we run to the plant nursery and buy our garden plants without giving much thought to the type of plant care that must be given to these plants. Things to consider before buying your plants. 1) Do we want perennial plants or annual plants?

Lawn Care – Choosing A Company To Get It Done

Are you ready to hire a company to take care of your lawn? Find some help in deciding which one to choose.

Don’t Bug Me – Telling The Difference Between Harmful and Helpful Insects

Believe it or not, not all insects are harmful to your garden or landscape. In fact, there are many species that can actually prove helpful for your plants. Learn about these insects, and how to tell the difference between them, here.

Building Your Garden Tool Kit

Garden tool kit is a group of tools you’ll need to perform basic gardening tasks. A kit can be made up of hand tools, pruning tools, lawn care tools, or power tools. They are the mainstays of gardening and include items like spades, trowels, hand-held rakes, garden forks, and hoes.

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