Perennial grassy weeds in lawns are obvious

So yes Tim, in this case I must have referred to herbicides, as these are made use of to eliminate tender green tissue these kinds of as weeds. Many thanks for the feed-back. I normally respect audience keeping me on observe!

A single herbicide that might be thought of at this time is glyphosate for nimblewill and bentgrass. These grassy perennial weeds are nonetheless somewhat brown in the environmentally friendly lawn. If you discover grassy locations that are or were being brown when the lawn started off to environmentally friendly up, it’s probable just one of these.

In a skinny lawn, this grassy weed tends to spread and take above. Maintaining the garden thick as a result of appropriate mowing and fertilization assists to stop unfold.

Making use of a herbicide this kind of as glyphosate is just one way to get rid of nimblewill and bentgrass in the garden. Glyphosate is a non-selective herbicide that kills just about anything environmentally friendly. Consequently, sure, it will also eliminate the fantastic grass as properly.

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Even so, due to the fact nimblewill spreads, you have to have to spray out further more than the brown patch to get any grass that is coming up from the rhizomes (underground spreading stems).

In addition, simply because of these rhizomes, you may possibly not get all the nimblewill. Repeat treatments may well be important.

You can also dig up these spots, ensuring that you get all the rhizome at the edge of the brown things. Or use a mixture.

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Brown patches are nimblewill, a perennial grassy weed. CONTRIBUTED

Brown patches are nimblewill, a perennial grassy weed. CONTRIBUTED
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Brown patches are nimblewill, a perennial grassy weed. CONTRIBUTED

A quite important take note if you are likely to use an herbicide – really don’t spray right until the nimblewill or bentgrass is green! If it’s brown, you squander time and dollars.

After you are self-confident the weed is absent, you can reseed properly according to the label. Again, get the garden thick to stop and choke out any further rhizomes.

Back to the spraying of pesticides, really don’t spray when bees are actively pollinating dandelions and other blooming weeds in the garden. Spray early in the morning in advance of they come out.

Dandelions, as you may perhaps have discovered, nevertheless bloom even however you mow. They can improve shorter stems that are skipped by the mower. Wait around right up until they are at the seed phase or until eventually slide if you want to reduce dandelions.

And don’t forget, it’s not NO Mow Could but relatively NO Spray May possibly!

Pamela Corle-Bennett is the condition master gardener volunteer coordinator and horticulture educator for Ohio State University Extension. Speak to her by electronic mail at

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