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How To Make Use of Yard Space Efficiently

Figuring out what to do with one’s yard can be rather difficult, but even more so if one is coming from a rental place that has no yard at all. Balancing elements like a play place for the kids and places to put plants can be somewhat difficult based on the size and shape of the yard space available. Without appropriate planning, future ideas may not be able to be applied when the best locations are used by other things that one simply does not tend to anymore.

Bringing the Critters to Your Garden

Summer time is here and it is the best time of the year to attract the small animals such as birds to the yard so that there is the opportunity to enjoy the sight of them. There are iron bird feeders out there that can bring a number of different creatures around to enjoy a good time in your yard, the key is to figure out which ones are going to work with what is already in place. Be sure and take the time to have a look at all the available metal bird baths to see what is going to work in your particular area.

Gardening 101 – How To Maintain Your Garden

A thriving garden attracts a lot of attention and gets appreciated by everyone. Growing the right kind of plants and using different elements to accentuate the landscape play a crucial role in the overall success of any garden. However, proper care and maintenance are also an integral part of gardening and they should not be overlooked.

Aquaponics For Fun

What is aquaponics? Simply defined, it is a method of growing fresh vegetables and fruits and, simultaneously, sustain a freshwater fish system. Sounds pretty healthy……and it is. Sounds pretty difficult…..but it’s NOT!

Fast Growing Shade Trees For A Perfect Landscape

Trees are considered to be an asset to any landscape and they make the surroundings greener and livelier. Shade trees are known to control the temperature during harsh summer months. If grown in proper location, they can also help in reducing utility bills by cutting down cooling costs. There are numerous varieties of shade trees available in the market that you can grow for shade around the house.

Enjoying Tomatoes Throughout The Year

A tomato is a very common ingredient found in most home cooked recipes. Aside from the fact that it is one of the most abundant and available vegetable in market, it is also contains the most number of nutritional elements that is good for the human body.

Metal Halide Light Bulbs – What You Should Know

Metal halide light bulbs are specifically designed for a purpose. In the case of indoor growing operations, these bulbs are essential during the vegetative state of plant life. Bulbs are available in wattages ranging from 250 to 2000 watts, and need ballasts, igniters, capacitors, and power supplies to operate effectively. These lights are a form of HID, or high-intensity discharge, lighting.

15 Reasons to Own a Hobby Greenhouse

Before we can get into the reasons proper for owning a hobby greenhouse, we first have to define exactly what a so-called hobby greenhouse is all about. A hobby greenhouse, in case you do not already know, is nothing more than a small or even a moderate structure that is home to fruits, vegetables and flowers, all of which have been recreationally grown. In stark contrast to greenhouses of the commercial and large-scale kind, a greenhouse of this type will be a lot more manageable in terms of both scope and size.

How To Landscape Your Garden On A Budget

Landscaping the entire garden can turn out be quite expensive. Most of the gardening enthusiasts face this issue and they are on a continuous lookout for better options. There are many inexpensive ways of landscaping a garden or yard to make it more appealing. If you choose the right kind of features and elements then you can certainly get a beautiful garden.

21st Century Infectious Potato Disease

A really nasty seed-borne bacterial blackleg disease, Dickeya solani is causing concern to potato farmers. First identified in Holland in 2005, Dickeya solani is an aggressive form of another type of blackleg disease, Dickeya dianthicola that has established itself in several countries in Europe, including Spain, France and Belgium, as well as in Finland and Poland.

Gardening 101 – Tips For Growing Flowering Trees

Colorful and vibrant trees with flower laden branches are an asset to any landscape. They can transform the entire garden and make it more lively and bright. Flowering trees are great for landscaping the home garden as they add a lot of color and interest to the property.

4 Tips for Pruning Trees and Shrubs

4 tips for pruning trees and shrubs are shared with readers. The article was written for the new and experienced gardener, is to goes over 4 basic cornerstones of why pruning is performed, equipment upkeep, time of year, parts of plant that should be pruned, and pruning for shape.

Choosing Durable Long-Lasting Planters For Your Gardening Project

Would you like to find a planter that you don’t have to change out every year because it is broken or falling apart? Taking the time to choose the right planters for your project can fix all that.

Organic Rose Gardening Dos and Don’ts

For all we know, you may have already been using organic rose gardening, but you just don’t know it yet. This is one of the most effective and eco-friendly ways to grow roses. In layman’s terms, organic rose gardening simply involves application of ONLY natural, organic and biodegradable materials to be used as fertilizers and pesticides to your roses. To be successful in growing roses organically, you just have to know what to do and what not to do. Below are the dos and don’ts of growing roses organically.

Raised Bed Gardening Ideas

Using a raised bed garden is the perfect solution for areas with hard to work soil and poor drainage. There are many different raised bed gardening ideas available. Add in your own creativity to make your garden personal and stand out from all the others.

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