Palm roots, foundations and pavement

Adventitious roots are expected on some types of palms. The roots are small in diameter but in mass and when the tree is planted close to the pavement, damage can occur. The adventitious roots are dormant, and removing them or covering them with soil can damage the palm.

Q: Very last year, you wrote an write-up saying the roots that are on top of the floor by palm trees are lifeless. Is it alright to cut them off? Will these roots problems my basis or concrete? 

— Jackie, Port St. Lucie 

A: Palm roots develop from an place of active mobile growth at the base of the trunk and are known as adventitious roots.

In some palms, the roots improve higher than the floor. The roots grow to be dry and inactive when uncovered above floor but are however an integral aspect of the plant method. This is a standard system/feature in palms. 

Some persons come across the glance of uncovered adventitious roots unwanted and would like to both take out them or protect them.

Masking exposed palm roots is also burying further the current performing, energetic roots, which slows or stops people roots from absorbing drinking water and nutrients vital to retain the wellness of the palm. Do not slash or in any other case get rid of the useless-hunting adventitious roots. 

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