“Our hydroponic units use Spacer, helps prevent extra humidity and proliferation of root conditions”

Sustainability is one particular of the factors most pursued by the agri-foodstuff market and one of the most demanded by shoppers. It is the cornerstone of the two the evolution of the sector as a entire and of new developments, including hydroponics, which is attaining extra and extra ground in plant creation.

“Hydroponics is turning into increasingly related presented the escalating worry for environmental defense. It is a flexible technique that avoids soil degradation and tends to make it probable to develop crops everywhere in the entire world, regardless of the condition of the soil and, if the greenhouse technological know-how makes it possible for it, also of the environmental disorders. In this way, it is feasible to make additional, at any time of the year and purely locally, thus lowering transportation expenses and the related CO₂ emissions,” says Antonio García, Export Manager of Hydroponic Units.

Antonio García.

“Additionally, this is a sector in frequent improvement many thanks to the efforts of everyone included. Our hydroponic units, for instance, use Spacer, an aspect that, by aeration, prevents excessive humidity and the proliferation of root diseases, strengthening the problem of the plant and, hence, its good quality and yield.”

Also, hydroponic agriculture optimizes the use of h2o, an essential useful resource whose shortage has become a danger to incredibly crucial creating areas in Spain. “Hydroponic cultivation programs permit h2o with nutrients to be reused, which in by itself helps make it probable to minimize water use by extra than 50% compared to conventional irrigation. Additionally, at Hydroponic Systems, we deal with to improve drainage collection thanks to Spacer, consequently conserving even a lot more on drinking water and phytosanitary merchandise.”

Antonio suggests that the Murcia-primarily based company is continually operating on producing new devices. “We currently have fourteen of them, ranging from systems supported immediately on the ground with a polypropylene channel to elevated metal channel units, which have been marketed in additional than 30 countries. Our secret is that we know how to adapt to the desires of every single shopper, featuring them distinct measurements and features in purchase to maximize the yield of their crops, from greens, strawberries, and blueberries to medicinal hashish.”


“We also collaborate with investigation centers this sort of as TECNOVA in Spain and CEICKOR in Mexico. Moreover, our R&D group is preparing new tasks that will be launched in the coming months,” claims the Export Supervisor.

Programs for growing berries
“At the second, the most effective solution is the HS Evolution Process, made by our R&D staff as the world’s initial sheet metallic hydroponic trough with constructed-in Spacer. This Spacer assures there is ample room involving the plant roots and the base of the trough with the drains, maximizing aeration and preventing the make contact with of the drains and trough with the roots, which is what presents the most head aches to experts working with waterlogging and root health conditions.”

“Our consumers, like professional agronomists close to the planet, have been obtaining improved outcomes thanks to HS Evolution for strawberries. A several months back, in point, we concluded a job in northern Europe for the elevated cultivation of strawberries throughout the winter at sub-zero temperatures, which already states a whole lot about how properly this program functions in greenhouses,” says Antonio.

hpevHS Evolution System.

Hydroponics, sustainability, and ecology
The FAO describes sustainable agriculture as just one meeting the demands of present and long run generations whilst ensuring profitability, environmental health, and social and financial equity. Hydroponic agriculture offers the risk of contributing to this target, as the European Fee itself acknowledged this summer months in a penned response to a Spanish MEP’s issue on hydroponic production.

“Hydroponics is unquestionably related to environmental safety. The technologies guarantees many positive aspects for the ecosystem for the reason that, as we have commented, it avoids soil degradation, which, in accordance to UN resources, could affect additional than 90% of the soil by 2050, and will make it probable to save on water and phytosanitary items, which can also destruction it.”

Soil and its protection are, in reality, the concentrate of a new tactic presented very last November by the European Commission to be certain that all soils on the continent are rehabilitated, resilient, and adequately safeguarded. Nonetheless, just the point that it does not use soil signifies that hydroponic creation simply cannot be licensed as organic and natural, in accordance to present EU organic specifications.

“It can be a stage of check out that is joined to traditional farming procedures. Right until now, the considered procedures have been soil-oriented since there have been no options. The good thing is, technologies and investigation have designed plenty of development to produce plant foods production devices that replicate soil situations and are environmentally pleasant. For case in point, our drainage selection programs are made to do the job with substrates these types of as coconut fiber, which are in a natural way sourced.”

“Development in phrases of innovation and technologies is unstoppable and rules will have to adapt, as is already happening in other countries,” claims Antonio García. “Nevertheless, at the minute, the big problem for all people is to defeat the shortage of uncooked products and the transportation disaster derived from the COVID-19 pandemic. For us, the main obstacle is to superior ourselves, to keep on being at the forefront of improvement, and to be ready to have an at any time better, much more productive, more optimized, and extra sustainable portfolio of hydroponic answers.”

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