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How Luxury Outdoor Furniture Can Make A Difference In Your Yard And The Expression Of Your Guests?

Some people will spend a fortune decorating the interior of their home with expensive and high class furniture but when you step into their yards, you will find that it’s nothing but an empty space with hardly anything worth looking at. If you’re really serious about having a house that you can truly be proud of, it’s time that you consider having some luxury outdoor furniture as part of your yard’s furnishing.

Planning a Flower Border

Spring is just around the corner. A flower border is just the right thing to perk up your yard!

Is Manure Any Good For Your Tomatoes?

Adding organic matter such as manure to your tomato soil is beneficial, but there’s more to it than following your horse around with a shovel! So what is the best type of manure? Is manure the only type of fertilizer you need to use?

Cheat Winter By Forcing Spring Flowers

Forcing spring flowering trees and shrubs is the easiest way to get a burst of color indoors in late winter. All you need is an early flowering tree or shrubs, sharp pruners and a vase to arrange the branches in.

Tips On Growing Orchids

Growing Orchids Doesn’t Have to be a Nightmare. Find Out the Secrets Methods to Growing Perfect Orchids.

Growing Flowers for Fun or Profit

As the micro eco-farming movement continues, flower carts from mini flower farms: backyard to half an acre, are springing up on small town street corners and near busy urban coffee shops. U-pick flower patches and honor-system flower stands are further ways flower lovers are earning income.

Outdoor Lighting

Modern buildings mesmerize us with modern architecture, size and general appearance. Lighting plays a very important role in this equation.

Choosing A Grass

This article discusses some of the more common grass types available to choose from.

Your Yard Is Your Masterpiece

Landscaping your yard is a great outlet for your creativity skills. By using your lawn as a canvas, you can create a beautiful picture.

Gardening My Parent’s Way

Learning how to landscape like my parents is very important to me. Their approach is not the normal gardeners way of gardening, but that is what makes their garden so amazing.

Patio Umbrellas for Home Decor

Home and garden decorating tips. Patio umbrellas are an easy way to add a splash of color to any outdoor patio area.

How To Make Compost

It is easy to learn how to make compost. It is just a natural process that when all is said and done needs very little intervention from you. Compost is one of nature’s best mulches and soil amendments, and you can use it instead of commercial fertilizers. Best of all, compost is inexpensive

Tips For Preparing Your Garden For The Season

An important part of a successful garden is the preparation you do before planting a single seed or plant. Get some tips for getting your garden ready for the season.

Chinquapin History

A history of chinquapin trees.

Herb Gardening And The Seven Deadly Sins

There are seven huge mistakes that herb gardeners make in the process of herb gardening. Here is the blueprint for what not do in your herb garden.

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