Orchid Bark & Orchid Mix

How to Make a Festive Snowflake Plant Pot

A quick and easy Christmas idea to make for your self or a friend or family member. This snowflake plant pot is inexpensive and rather stylish. A great project for kids to make.

Lawn Sprinkler Systems – Your Way To The Greenest Lawn In Town

A primer on the different types of lawn sprinkler systems and how they work.

Rubber Molds – How You Can Make One

First let me explain why I don’t make them.

Decorating Your Garden

Add Excitement to Your Garden! – Garden Decor – ations! Most every garden you wander through has it – Garden Decor! There’s a garden bench at the end of a lovely meandering path, the soothing sensation of a waterfall or bubbling water garden fountain, or maybe a laughable or awe-inspiring garden statue.

Autumn Lawn Care Tasks with Tips

Summer officially gives way to autumn on the 22nd of September, which is known as the autumnal equinox, but for the lawn owner autumn begins much earlier. This is because the green keeping tasks for autumn begin from the 1st day of September.

A Number of Reasons for you to Invest in Teak Garden Furniture

An article which explains why it may be the right choice when considering purchasing new furniture for your garden and investing in teak garden furniture.

Automatic Lawn Mowers

Automatic lawnmowers can roam around your yard trimming your lawn while you are doing something much more exciting, it could be doing it while you are sleeping if you so wished! You can programme your mower to mow on specific days and at specific times so you never need to worry about remembering to switch it on.

Herb Gardening With Culinary Herbs, Ornamental Herbs And Medicinal Herbs

Herb gardening is fun and very rewarding. There are three types of herbs you can plant in your herb garden, culinary herbs, ornamental herbs and medicinal herbs.

Gardening Safety Tips

Whether you have a green thumb or simply want to start learning the art of gardening, it’s a good idea to be prepared for all of those little surprises that may pop up along the way.

Lawn Tips

You should probably have some personal experience with the fact that a beautiful lawn does not come without some effort.

The Roof Garden

After a small adventure I had to go through with my apartment building tenants who needed some convincing, I was allowed to begin working on a roof garden at which I imagined myself spending time relaxing under the sun while conversing with friends.

Whirligig Pleasure

Likely you have smiled many times at whirligigs as you drove past them in someone’s yard — without knowing you were admiring a 10,000-year-old folk-art form. Hitch weather vanes to windmills and you get whirligigs – an ancient device whose only purpose is to delight onlookers.

Fencing Options – Wood or Vinyl?

When you are trying to decide on the type of fencing you’d like to purchase, you first assess your budget. Do you have enough money to splurge and go for authenticity? If you do, then wood fencing is a great choice. Most consumers tend to buy this type of fencing because it looks gorgeous. Wood has always been a favorite pick for people who love its elegance. Although wood is great to look at, it has to be maintained. Sanding and painting are often common chores that always require extra work.

Transform Your Garden With A Wooden Playhouse

Gone are the days of the splinter-filled backyard shack. There are as many options for building or purchasing pre-fabricated wooden play houses as there are ways to have fun in them.

Extend Your Gardening Into Fall and Winter

Extending your home vegetable growing season into fall and early winter.

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