Oklahoma gardening: It is really spring

A peach bloom.

A calendar year to the day of March previous year, the Bradford pear tree on the east side burst into bloom. How regular. I did not even have to see the bundles of dense white blooms or smell the vile scent of the Asian invasive because the hum of fast paced bees gave the tree absent in the backyard. Lots of are European honey bees. I guess this could be the just one advantage a Bradford pear presents supply of nectar and foods for pollinators. The Bradfords disguise them selves as lovable big white lollipops in the leafless wintertime surroundings. Before long, the substantially scaled-down sand plums will begin to display their sensitive white blossoms. The American elms are blooming. My a few preach trees have fearlessly started out to open up their blossoms.

The apricots and chokecherry have joined in. The smarter redbuds are waiting around a working day or two.

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