Not a SINGLE Apple on Our Trees…But That’s NOT Stopping ME!!

What About Rose Gardening?

Ask anybody who has a green thumb about rose gardening, and you might need a tape recorder to recollect all the advice you’ll get! Virtually anyone who has a concern in gardening flowers and plants will eventually mosey into rose territory.

The Advantages of Affordable Portable Greenhouses

Are there advantages of purchasing an affordable portable greenhouse rather an a permanent greenhouse? Depending on the gardener, there may be several advantages.

Guideline on Usage of Coco Peat Grow Bags

The following guideline & usage instructions are about how to use cocopeat grow bags in gardening. These instructions are based on extensive research carried out on our products under different growing conditions & also on valuable information shared by professional growers, who have been using our Grow bags for the past couple of years. It is very important to understand that these guidelines & usage instructions does not specifically refers to your case & is compiled in general.

Is a Garden Storage Bench Right For You?

Are you thinking about buying a garden storage bench? Well this article will help you decide if this type of furniture is right for you.

Natural Landscaping – The Use of Native Plants to Keep Your Yard Looking Great

Natural landscaping, also referred to native gardening. This is a way of using plants, including ground cover, grass, trees, and shrubs which are indigenous to the geographical area in which the garden is located, as well as rocks and boulders in place of planned planting beds and groomed lawns to blend in with residential or commercial property into the natural surroundings of the particular area. The art of native gardening is a growing movement within the gardening community, and for many good reasons.

Gardening Tasks Inside and Outside the Greenhouse in Mid to Late November

Fuchsias are about to take a rest, but there are some plants that never become completely dormant in a greenhouse. They will require less to drink but must not be allowed to dry out and should be watered as soon as leaves droop, any tender plants in a cold house should be plunged in soil to keep the frost from their roots. Now is the time to stake winter-flowering begonias, and prune the plumbago and oleander.

How to Make a New Garden Bed

Making a new garden bed from a grass-covered area is easy if you follow these simple steps. Find out how to plan the bed, how to get rid of any grass and weeds permanently, and what you need to look for in the soil you add.

Water Irrigation – Save Money, Time, Water, and Your Lawn

Every year thousands of home owners spend millions on water irrigation systems. Watering your lawn by hand is not fun or efficient. Plants and gardens need regular irrigation. If you wait till it’s time to rescue your plant from near death then expect it to recover right away, it puts too much stress on the plant.

Why Compost? Because Vegetable Gardens Love It

Compost provides essential nutrients to our vegetable gardens while improving soil structure and making it easier for vegetables to grow. Composting is also good for the environment.

How to Apply a Soil Test in Your Garden

Don’t ever attempt to plant your crop without having your soil tested. Soil testing determines what kind of soil you have. This is vital if you want your gardening to succeed.

How to Establish an Organic Garden

When you’re planning to start your organic garden, you’ve planned out the guidelines how you’re going to succeed with your garden. It’s not easy to start without taking into considerations some important aspects in the activities prior to your initial work in the garden.

How to Plan a Home Vegetable Garden Using the Square Foot Gardening Method

Planning a home vegetable garden can be tricky. Gardening is a science, after all! This article discusses the steps involved in planning a Square Foot Garden, which differ in several important ways from the steps involved in planning a row-based garden.

Your Flowers, Shrubs and the Greenhouse in Mid November

Korean chrysanthemums may survive the winter in the border, but they are safer lifted, boxed and placed at the base of a wall, and in severe weather covered with sacking. When you check on your hedges, note that any basal gaps in hawthorn hedges can be made good by bending down and pegging young shoots to fill the empty spaces. Viburnum fragrans or the hybrid V.

Organic Garden – A Minute Replica of Nature in Your Home

An organic garden is a small picture of nature’s best in your home. It is a haven of fresh fruits, vibrant plants and healthy vegetables. The advocate of this art and science does not use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides but employ the works and conveniences of nature to create safe, healthy and bountiful produce.

Your Fruit and Vegetables in Mid November

If you are to be absent from home for any length of time, beet can be left in the ground covered with a cloche, but now is the time to lift and store Jerusalem artichokes and salsify. Have you ever eaten salsify in a similar way to asparagus? It is good if you like it!

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