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A brisk wind prior to the storm sifts through the deciduous trees and makes drifts of fallen leaves. They roll across the garden, clatter across the sidewalk. That is how it goes this time of 12 months. However it appears like a chore to deal with prodigious quantities of fallen leaves, it is really a present for gardeners and the wild factors of the forests. Here is what you can do with fallen leaves:

Shred and mulch: Shredded leaves are an superb affordable mulch for flower and shrub beds. They not only enrich the soil, but also maintain weeds down. Whole leaves will mat down soon after soaked climate and consider time to finally decompose since of a superior lignin articles. This may well be a great detail if you are attempting to suppress weeds in an region in which they are complicated to control.

Feed the soil: Shredded leaves are prosperous in nitrogen, phosphorus, carbon, calcium magnesium and sulfur. Possibly mix them in the compost pile or until immediately into the soil.

Boost soil construction: Shredded leaves are an excellent soil amendment for conditioning bad soils or fertile types. In sandy soils they will enable retain humidity. In clay soils, they aid to increase drainage capability. Leaves incorporate humus.

Compost: Fallen leaves are specially superior in carbon, which will make them a good prospect for placing the brown in the compost. If compost piles have much too substantially damp material, known as the green, they do not compost proficiently. The carbon in leaves balances a compost combine.

Keep in mind the critters: Leaf litter and mulch supplies foodstuff and habitat for salamanders, frogs, bats and spiders. Either as eggs, pupa or grown ups, a lot of species of moths and butterflies overwinter in leaf litter. Birds scratch by leaf litter hunting for bugs and bugs, particularly all through the winter season months.

Terry Kramer is the web page supervisor for the Humboldt Botanical Backyard garden and a educated horticulturist and journalist. She has been producing a backyard garden column for the Times-Typical given that 1982. Get hold of her at




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