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How to Make and Maintain Wooden Planter Boxes

Make your own attractive wooden planters following these simple guidelines and maintenance tips. Dress up your patio or add a unique touch to your garden today.

Asparagus – Plant Once, Enjoy for Years

Asparagus can be grown from seed but gardening or farm stores will recommend planting “1 year crowns”. I quite agree as the harvest time is moved one year sooner and the crowns have already germinated thus reducing the odds of failure.

Give Your Garden The Best By Buying Rattan Garden Furniture

For the perfect touch of elegance to your garden, you can invest in rattan garden furniture. Rattan garden furniture today comes in some of the most exquisite and finest designs that make your conservatory look both chic and sophisticated.

Building a Worm Farm From Scratch

By setting up your farm right, and by scratch, you can actually build some character up for the kids and sense a feeling of accomplishment! Remember what type of worm farm you want, and ask yourself if you want it controlled inside or outdoors, and do you have the right climate as well for an outdoor, backyard worm farm?

3 Tips on Picking the Perfect Front-Tine Garden Tiller

As gardeners we all want beautiful gardens, and the way to achieve a beautiful garden is with the right tools. Front-Tine garden tillers come in many different brands with multi-functions. Front-Tine tillers are perfect for small to medium size gardens and soft soil. Front Tine Garden Tillers are normally used for weeding and light garden maintenance. If you are looking to till hard or tough soil then a front tine garden tiller is not the right tool. A garden cultivator would be better for hard soil tilling.

Mowing Techniques for a Thick and Green Lawn

Want to get the greenest, most lush and thick lawn in the neighborhood? Here are some tips that will help you on the way.

When to Power Rake a Lawn

In the past I have written a lot about what is a power rake and why to power rake, I have even written articles on how to power rake, but I have never written an article on when to power rake. Having had 8 years of experience in thatching, I have come to the conclusion that the two best times to power rake your lawn are in the spring and in the fall. Partially, this is because this is the time when most lawns are the healthiest, but another and probably more important reason, is because this is the best time for over seeding and reestablishing your lawn.

Herb Garden Planning Made Easy

The very first step to consider is utilizing your imagination. By free form thinking you can conceptualize your design before committing to planting any seeds. In this way you can essentially map out a few options before deciding on the perfect choice. Not sure how to begin?

Setting Up an Earth Worm Farm

By setting up your farm right, you will not only have the right type of farm, but the correct right worms as well. What type of worm depends on the type of earth worm farm you want to set up. Are you teaching your child how to set up an earthworm farm just to watch them? Are you looking for organic soil (vermicomposting) results? Fishing Bait results? Make the right decision.

Shrub Roses – Varieties and Tips

‘Resonanz’ dazzles with its brilliant orange- red blooms and the charming form of its flowers that keep their round dish shape and flower in large, loose clusters. The flaming blooms look stunning against its dark green, glossy foliage, which is extraordinarily resistant to disease and very healthy. ‘Resonanz’ blooms from June through October with just a short pause in August after the first main flowering period.

How Much Space Do You Need to Grow Potatoes at Home?

Potatoes are an incredibly important commercial crop all over the world. They also, undeniably, take up a lot of space. If you look at farmers’ fields of potatoes you will surely imagine they go on forever. This is probably why relatively few home gardeners bother with potatoes. Another reason is that they are so readily available on our supermarket shelves, at relatively – and sometimes extremely – low prices.

The Best Way to Grow Tomatoes

When you plant tomato seeds or cultivated seedlings you generally know what to expect. What will emerge from this patch of self seeded tomatoes is anybody’s guess!

Growing Potatoes in Tyres

Just when you thought it would be impossible to grow potatoes in your own backyard, someone tells you about the ingenious – although no longer new – idea of growing potatoes in old car tyres. What could be more sustainable than this? You get to find a use for what would probably otherwise become landfill, and you get to grow veggies for your family to eat and enjoy.

Secrets of Growing Sweet Corn Successfully

Sweet corn, as opposed to big white mealies or maize, is a great crop to grow in your vegetable garden. While they do need to be reasonably widely spaced, even a couple of short rows at the back of your plot can produce gorgeously sweet corn cobs – better than anything you could ever buy in your supermarket or greengrocer’s shop.

A Few Benefits of Fox Urine

Fox urine is a chemical that simulates the urine of a fox that is used as pest deterrent by farmers, gardeners, homeowners and others that will benefit from this useful agent. It is not a pesticide nor a poison but only a deterrent.

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