New Plants so Tough They are Impossible to Kill

Essential Lawn Care Tips

Lawn care is essential if you want to keep your beautiful lush green lawn active through winter. Even the hardest of lawn enthusiasts will be facing these common problems. Why not take a minute right now and find out what these are so you can avoid them, or remedy your situation.

How To Aerate And Seed Your Lawn

Every season your lawn will be challenged by varying temperatures, drought conditions or crazy insects. You should realize that even the best turf will stress and thin and this is why you need to aerate and seed annually.

How To Care For Your Yard In 3 Easy Steps

A lot of people take up gardening as their hobby because it can be relaxing and fun at the same time. However, there are times when you can become too busy to give your yard all the time you want. Don’t panic though because caring for your lawn can be made easier with these 3 easy steps.

Fertilizing Outdoor Plants Growing In Containers – Which Type Of Fertilizer To Use

While adding organic matter in the form of compost is essential for the health of the soil, feeding plants growing in containers generally requires the use of chemical fertilizers. Here are some tips especially for Mediterranean climate gardeners.

Growing Annual Plants

Annual flowers can be a great source of color to accent and your home’s landscape. While flowering trees and shrubs provide short periods of color, most annuals begin blooming shortly after planting and continue to flower for the length of the growing season. Annuals plants come in a range of colors, sizes and species adapted to either sun or shade.

Spring Around the Corner? Prepare For Your Garden

Even while many parts of the country are still under a blanket of snow (with more in the forecast!) the calendar tells us that spring is in fact, on the way. It’s easy to forget how close it is, but for everyone hoping to put in a garden this spring, there are some things you can do to get your garden ready for the warmer days of spring.

Greenhouse Cucumbers

This Document is a guide to production of Greenhouse Cucumber. It outlines one of the practical procedures of producing greenhouse cucumber as well as some personal experiences which could be useful for producers.

Rose Propagation

This document outlines the normal procedures of Rose Propagation by using Cuttings as well as some useful and practical hints for Rose producers. In general, Cutting Propagation is the easiest way to propagate Roses comparing to other methods such as Budding or Seeding which need skills and take up special possibilities. Rooting cuttings is simple and for a commercial purpose it requires the least amount of…

Dealing with Aggressive Blackbirds

The Carib Grackle is common resident of all the countries in its range and is generally observed in groups. Its frequency around humans sometimes results in problems for people.

Attracting Birds to a Tropical Garden

Some individuals enjoy bird watching but prefer to do their bird watching in their back yard. This article provides advice on attracting wild birds to your back yard.

All About Organic Gardening

The following article covers a topic that has recently moved to center stage–at least it seems that way. If you’ve been thinking you need to know more about it, here’s your opportunity. The following article presents the very latest information on organic gardening. If you have a particular interest in organic gardening, then this information article is required reading.

Soil pH – Easy Solutions

Whether you are putting in a new lawn or wanting to improve your existing lawn a good place to start is by knowing the pH of your soil. More than likely you have heard about soil pH but it sounds too technical to deal with. Soil pH is actually easy to measure and easy to correct.

Start the New Year With a New Clean Up For Your Lawn

With the winter holidays already behind us, it’s time to look forward to the coming months of sunshine, flower buds and plants sprouting and maybe even some new green lawns. But before you get caught up in spring fever, it’s time to look at what kind of clean-up is necessary for the lawn as well as other preparations to take this month.

Tree Shelters and Protecting Trees and Shrubs in Your Garden

Tree care can be tricky sometimes, especially if you live in an exposed or coastal area. Trees and shrubs can suffer greatly from the effects of wind and salt but what is the solution to the problem? This article examines tree shelters in great detail and offers tips and advice on where and when to use them effectively.

Organic Plant Foods for Container Gardening

When used in reference to fertilizers, the word organic generally means that the nutrients contained in the product come from the remains or a by-product of an organism. Cottonseed meal, blood meal, fish emulsion, manures and sewage sludge are examples of organic fertilizers. Some organic fertilizers are high in one of the three major nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, or potash,) but very low in others. Some are low in all three macronutrients.

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