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Use Layering to Successfully Propagate Your Plants

Layering is a method that nature uses for propagation with many plants. Some plants send out runners that root at their tips or at nodes. Others will root where a low lying branch contacts the soil. Learn several methods to use these natural and very successful ways of plant propagation to multiply your shrubs, vines and other plants.

Bonsai Camellia Information & Answers

If you’re looking to purchase a bonsai camellia just visit your local gardening store where you should be able to buy the tree in either pink, white or red flower colors. It’s an evergreen plant so it will keep your garden green during the winter months.

An Organic Garden at Home 101 – Knowing the Basics For Homeowners

The best ways of ensuring quality property and lifestyles in real estate is to maximize the potentials and productivity of your resources. For instance, if you have enough space and time to allot to organic gardening at home, this venture may prove to be a healthy and lucrative investment in your part.

Using a Good Organic Gardening Book

Whether you are new to organic farming, or have been at it for some time, using a good organic gardening book is a good idea. A book always imparts to you some information that you did not have. Besides, having a book with you also allows you to refer to it whenever you are in doubt.

How to Buy Tomato Seedlings

When buying tomato seedlings there are several things to look for to make sure you pick out a healthy plant. If you don’t know what to look for, here a few ideas.

The Art of Sowing

You cannot sow just anytime you like. All plants and trees have particular sowing seasons which need to be followed for greater advantage. Depending on the type of plant and the climate required for its growth, sowing is done accordingly, Late March and April are the best months for spring sowing of seeds, though for a better crop people do sow in the months of August and September too.

The Art of Pruning

One of the most essential features in horticulture is pruning. Pruning means trimming and cutting of trees and plants at regular intervals to allow the plant for its prolific growth and at the same time make it look more aesthetic. Pruning is both an art a well as a skill which needs to be mastered well.

You Can Get Flowers in Your Garden All Year Round by Growing Plants From Bulbs

Human beings have got a close association with bulbs, and indeed growing flowers from bulbs, stretching back to prehistoric times. The story continues to unfold, as new varieties emerge regularly from an already vast selection of plants.

Gardening Books – An Insight of the Gardening

You heard about the new fad in the town and that is gardening. You get fascinated with this fad and thought o start with it without having any idea related to how to go about. In this confusion, you have started asking from many people and all the information ha become a blended mixture.

Gardening Products Add Beauty to Your Lawn

In the recent past, all of us have seen that the world has changed and that the pace of life has picked up considerably. One of the good things that have been passed on to us down from our forefathers to the present day is gardening. It is one of the worlds most relaxing ways to pass your time and in addition, add decor and beauty to the place you live in. in fact, many people have made gardening as a serious part of their lives and can hardly get through a day without indulging themselves in it.

Growing Strawberries

There are few tasty treats that can match the exquisite, ripe sweetness of strawberries. This rich, red fruit is easy to grow in your home garden and these plants also do very well if they are grown in containers.

Humus – Organic Soil and the Ecosystem

Humus and organic garden soil is an ecosystem all in it’s own. Creating an environment that supports the life of plants, organisms, microorganisms and animals. A garden can be a world of it’s own all in itself.

Setting Plants Out Early Using a Wall O’ Water

To get started, till your soil and work in plenty of good rotted compost. Lightly rake the row. Mark off your row after you decide how far apart your plants should be and carefully rake a two foot square pretty flat.

Tips For Growing Gerberas

Gerberas are a popular flower favorite. Here are some tips on how to grow them properly at home.

Growing Your Own Organic Foods

If you’re interested in eating more organic foods, one of the things that you may have trouble getting past is the price tag. After all, organics tend to be a lot more expensive than chemically treated products. The best solution to that, especially if you have the space, is to grow your own organic vegetable garden.

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