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Dear Neil: What sort of bush is this? It seems the only portion that is not browning is the one department. If this is because of to an insect, is there a way to destroy it? Will the shrub return to its darkish inexperienced color? What ought to I do?

Remedy: This is hurt induced by spider mites. If you keep a sheet of white paper beneath one particular of these browning branches and thump the department in opposition to it, you will see hundreds of tiny specks. A lot of of them will get started shifting close to just about promptly. Those will be the spider mites. The specific spider mite that attacks junipers like yours is energetic from mid-winter on. Most common-objective pesticides do record spider mites on their labels. However, you will want to spray more than just one time. This is a quite significant outbreak, and I am not guaranteed you can help you save this plant.

Expensive Neil: I have a dwell oak that is 10 or 12 years old. It was harmed in the freeze of 2021. The total leading appears to be dead other than for a person prolonged branch that looks to be coming back again now. Is it likely to recover?

Response: My guess without the need of viewing it is that it will not be really worth saving. This considerably eradicated from the cold accidents 15 months in the past, it should to be growing vigorously if it is heading to. If you want to hold out 3 or four much more months to see if the rest of the tree sends out new leaves, you undoubtedly could do that. Nevertheless, really do not wait around far too long. Stay oak branches are quite hefty, and they can do great problems when they slide.

Expensive Neil: We live on a metropolis road wherever the a lot are 60 toes wide. Our neighbors planted a hedge of bamboo around 70 feet very long beside our 6-foot picket fence. That places the bamboo 8 feet from the side wall of our household and 2 ft from the heating/cooling units. The neighbor suggests it is a clumping kind, not the invasive variety of bamboo, but it presently appears to be to be heading our way. What can we do? Can it damage our house and landscape?

Reply: It does not seem to be the in the end invasive golden bamboo. That is great for starters. Nevertheless, I would still preserve an eye on it. If you see it starting off to encroach, you would be in just your legal rights to request them to dig a trench on their side of the assets line and fill it with some sort of a barrier (concrete corrugated fiberglass panels overlapped, and so forth.). I’ve never ever witnessed any one effectively stop golden bamboo with even a 36-inch barrier, but it could be much easier with this 1. Hopefully that will under no circumstances be vital. (For the history, you did not point out exactly where you are. Numerous of the clumping bamboos are fewer winter-hardy than golden bamboo. With on the net subscriptions, we have audience all around Texas and even beyond.)

Pricey Neil: My Japanese boxwood crops were being pruned significantly more seriously than I experienced required very last fall. Now many of the vegetation look to be 50 % useless. Should I prune them a lot more now, or must I just choose them out?

Response: Sometimes shrubs that are pruned closely take a superior even though to get started regrowing. I surely would not acquire them out nevertheless. Utilize a significant-nitrogen fertilizer (the identical as you would implement to your garden) and drinking water them deeply. Give them 6 or 8 months to see how they do. Your additional trouble this unconventional year is that lesser varieties of nursery stock are in pretty small supply. Fall would almost certainly be a better time to exchange them anyway, if that finishes up becoming essential.

Expensive Neil: I am stumped, as is my local nursery qualified. My squash, zucchini and tomatoes all make loads of fruit, but they just really do not increase. The tomatoes really do not ripen on the crops. I have to harvest them and let them ripen indoors. I drinking water and feed all the crops, and I have tried using new potting soil, but the vegetation just do not create. Do you have any ideas?

Respond to: Is it doable that you are growing all of these in pots considering that you stated potting soil? Squash and zucchini get quite big. So will tomato vegetation. You have me asking yourself if these could be escalating in pots that are too smaller for the varieties of vegetation concerned. That would bring about them to come to be stunted and their fruit to produce abnormally. It sounds like the crops have gotten much too dry among waterings and it does sound like they need to have a lot more fertilizer on a common foundation. I presume they are in entire solar.

Dear Neil: How can I get rid of this weed? It is having more than my property!

Answer: That is 1 of the dayflowers, wandering Jew family members. You’ll require to use a broadleafed weedkiller (made up of 2,4-D) in a pump sprayer, and it will pretty very likely acquire various applications 3 months apart to eliminate it.

Pricey Neil: Can you present your 12-month lawn upkeep timetable that features fertilizer and herbicide applications – when and what products and solutions?

Remedy: I put in a month producing Chapter 2 of Neil Sperry’s Lone Star Gardening. That is the perpetual calendar that lists specifically what you have asked for. As considerably as I’d like to remedy your concern right here, that version is 48 webpages extensive. It depends on the vegetation concerned (which includes kind of turfgrass), where you are in Texas and quite a few other variables. For the file, the reserve is available from It is not in retailers.

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