Neglecting the Peppers Brought Surprising Results!!!

Mesclun – Sweet Young Greens For Spring and Fall Salads

Mesclun is a mix of greens and other leafy vegetables. It contains at least three to five varieties of lettuce in different colors and shapes. It also includes raddichio (a red Italian leafy vegetable with thick leaves), arugula or chervil (both considered herbs), Japanese greens like mizuna in either red or green varieties, and sometimes beets for their tender greens.

A Simple Guide to Fuchsia Propagation

There are about 10,000 different hybrids to choose from and the colours range from white through to orange, red, blue, purple and even a deep purple bordering on black. In fact yellow is the only one missing. The only other thing missing with fuchsias is scent. They have no perfume. The flower sizes range from 1cm. To 10cm.. The blooms vary from single, semi double, double and tubular. They can be trained as bushes, standards, trailers and even bonsai. In Ireland and Scotland hedgerows made up of fuchsias can be seen along the roads.

Venus Flytrap – Feeding Do’s and Don’ts

A Venus Flytrap is a fun and interesting plant to add to your collection. What a great conversation piece! It is one of the easiest carnivorous plants to own and care for. Feeding your Venus Flytrap is the fun part of owning this interesting plant.

The Secret to Growing Carrots is Simply Using the Right Methods

When growing carrots the seeds can be placed in the soil during the early part of spring. They should be gently pressed…

Herb Garden Kits – Are They For You?

Although growing herbs is a very enjoyable and rewarding experience (not to mention the delicious and flavorful herbs you get to enjoy), sometimes it can take some effort to figure out how to get started. You need to figure out exactly which kinds of herbs you want to grow and the growing conditions for each. You also need to buy soil, seeds, and containers. Well, there are packages out there that act as sort of a quick start to growing your herbs called herb garden kits.

Your Garden and Herb

A quick and easy to read article about herb gardening. It gives an overview of what a beginner gardener needs to know.

Vegetable Profiles – Asparagus

Previously a vegetable delicacy only the rich could afford, asparagus is instead now seen in abundance when in season. Asparagus is often an ingredient in old-fashioned country wives’ remedies for the sick.

Rose Planting

The first thing to consider when planting your rose bush is the location. There are several things that need to be considered.

Beets – Problems, Varieties and Harvesting

Beet problems are usually at a minimum due to the fact of tolerating lower temperatures, but in warmer climates there is an insect that attacks its leaves. You can harvest your beets’ green leaves for a garden salad and at a later date harvest the root for a tasty vegetable.

Online Shopping For Your Home and Garden

Compare online shopping for garden decorations to physically going from store to store. What are the advantages of shopping online? How can you save time and money?

Acidanthera – Rare and Fragrant Flower

Fragrant flowers are some of the most enjoyable creatures a gardener can cultivate. In addition to their beauty, fragrant blooms reward their fans with scents that can range from dreamy to necrotic (Dragon arum), sweet to acrid, overpowering (think Lilies) or subtle and refined.

Finding the Middle Ground on the Organic Vs Inorganic Plant Nutrient Debate

This article will show you that it can be better to garden with a combined mixture of both organic and inorganic nutrients than firmly sticking to just one of these approaches. Organic nutrients are sustainable and complex, but are smelly, messy, and limit growth rates. Inorganic nutrients are much more predictable and easy to work with, but are not eco-friendly and lack buffering by micro-nutrients and hidden lifeforms. A mixture of the two solves many problems and creates an ideal approach to gardening indoors or when using hydroponics or soiless gardening.

A Flower and Herb Garden

An article that discusses combining flower gardening and herb gardening by creating a flower and herb garden. It gives some suggestions for how to begin growing such a garden.

Deer-Resistant Coreopsis is a Real Winner

There are several reasons why Coreopsis was named Perennial Plant of the Year in 1992 and continues to be one of the best selling perennials for zones 3 – 9. Being deer-resistant, drought tolerant, virtually care free, and easy to find in garden centers makes it a true winner for beginner gardeners and well as for the more experienced gardeners.

Healthy Tips on Planting Your Veggie Garden

This article will help you to determine what veggies to grow. You need to find the right place to grow them and which soil conditions which must be met. Keeping pests off your plants is vital to their health.

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