Native Plants for Easy Care Landscapes

Ideas For a Low Maintenance Garden

When you decide, for whatever reason, that you want a low maintenance garden, it’s important to plan in advance rather than just run head long into it. Although a low maintenance garden can be achieved relatively easily, if you fail to plan it properly it can end up more work than it should.

Care and Growth of Bright Blooming Kalanchoe Plants For Drought Tolerant Gardens Or As Houseplants

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana are dependable garden bloomers known for their bright colorful flowers. They’re great succulent plants for dry landscapes or as houseplants in container gardens indoors. Most varieties are perennial and evergreen. Flower colors can range from white, yellow, orange, red, pink and everything in between.

Natural Health – Organic Lawn Care – Essential Oils For Weed Control

A study has been done by the Appalachian Fruit Research Station in West Virginia on the herbicidal effects of plant-derived oils (aka essential oils). Twenty five oils were tested for their herbicidal effects on dandelion leaves.

Plant Containers – Ideas on the Best Containers For Beautiful Plant Displays

If you are looking for ideas to aid your planting, this article will give you ideas on a huge variety of plant containers you can use. The author has tried just about every container, planter, and pot type you could imagine, and in addition to describing how he uses them also provides general tips on container gardening.

Watering That Your Garden Will Love

Save money on your water bill. Tips for water. When and how much.

Weed Management – The Herbicides You Should Really Be Wary of Using

Chemical weed killers or herbicides should be used as sparingly as possible in gardens as a whole, but especially in private ones. Excessive use of them is bad for the ecological balance in the garden itself, as much wild life is deterred from establishing itself, and in the wider sense, is a serious form of pollution. Nonetheless, it is not easy to desist entirely from their application, although highly committed organic gardeners insist on doing so.

Try These Compost Materials

Many people new to gardening or composting are often unsure exactly what they should be putting into their compost piles or bins. Once they learn a few of the basics though, they discover it’s a lot easier to create rich compost for their gardens than they first realized.

Using Container Pots and Plants to Make a Great Container Garden

It is surprising how using container pots and plants in the right way can make a really cool and fabulous container garden display. So many flowers, vegetables, herbs, trees and some fruits can be grown in containers and pots and containers and can be hung from porch railings and fences, from wall etc, and we have the ideas to provide a great guide for you.

Why Contemporary Flowers Are Back in Fashion

This article discusses why contemporary flowers are back in fashion in Britain. Particular attention is given to Gerberas, South African flowers and the everyday use of contemporary flowers.

Useful Indoor Gardening Tips

A grow light is obviously necessary when it comes to hydroponic gardening. The light of the sun needs to be mimicked providing the energy a plant needs to in order to grow. Grow lights cannot be substituted with household lamps or the like. A grow light is a special piece of equipment manufactured with the specific intended use within indoor gardening.

Hydroponic Gardening Systems – How They Could Benefit Your Home

Home hydroponic gardening systems can be developed for the cost of under $40.00. Construction includes building a rectangular frame and lining with polyurethane in order to keep the water from leaking. Then add a floating Styrofoam top with intermittent holes throughout.

Hydroponic Gardening Supplies – A Buyer’s Guide

Hydroponic gardening enables water to be enriched with nutrient salts and creates a perfectly balanced nutrient solution. To support these systems, specialized hydroponic gardening supplies are needed. Look for items such as fiber, sand, and stone. These are inert soil-free mediums which anchor the root.

Choosing Plants in a Garden Center – Important Tips For Getting it Right

The only decision you should make in the garden center concerns the quality of the plants in the pots. What constitutes a good plant, and what should you be looking to avoid?

Garden Centers and Plant Nurseries – The Three Points to Look Out For

Cheap is dear is a well-known and well-worn expression. Nowhere is it more relevant than in plant nurseries and garden centers.

Tips For Growing the Bonsai Miniature Rose Tree

Many enthusiasts today are discovering the beauty of the Bonsai miniature rose tree. When in full bloom, roses are very beautiful. Surprisingly they aren’t as fragile when it comes to growing as individuals might believe.

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