My First Herb and Vegetable Garden

Garden Design – How to Get Great Results by Using Plants of the Same Color

A color scheme based on a single color is known as a monochromatic design. A garden bed or border so designed has the principle properties of boldness, simplicity, and clarity. It is a style that demands some courage on behalf of the designer – many, probably the majority of home gardeners are frightened off the idea, or believe they are missing out by not stuffing into the bed, as wide a range of color as possible.

Indoor Bonsai – Is There Really Such a Thing?

You’ve probably heard people talk about indoor bonsai trees. But, do you realize that keeping a bonsai indoors, while very rewarding, does take extra care?

Do You Know When to Water Your Garden?

I was happily watering my garden yesterday when my wife asked me “How do you know when to water your garden?” A simple question with a simple answer. I water them in the evening when the sun has gone down.

Growing Radishes in Your Garden

Crisp and tender mouth watering radishes provide the perfect finishing touch to a fresh garden salad. Here are some tips on cultivating this easy to grow vegetable.

Remember the Three P’s When Planting Wisteria

A well established Wisteria that is in bloom can be breathtaking. It’s large clusters of white or lavender flowers are well worth the effort needed in the initial planning stages, the patience required, and the time needed to prune. Proper planning before planting can also save you a few headaches later on.

How to Care For Bonsai Trees

Let’s look at what you need to consider when it comes to caring for a bonsai tree and/or giving a bonsai tree as a gift to someone else. It’s a very rewarding past time, but it may not be for everyone.

Spring Bulbs

Flowers emerging in springtime from tiny little bulbs planted in the fall are one of the all-time greatest miracles of nature. When you hold a few bulbs in your hand it’s easy to see evidence of God’s Intelligent Design.

Creating a Garden – It’s All in the Planning

The hardest part about planning a garden is deciding where to begin. Looking out over the vast mound of overgrown shrubs, weeds and cracked concrete, it’s difficult to imagine your yard can be the garden paradise you’ve always dreamed of. It’s as though you’re beginning with a blank canvas, and someone hands you a shovel and says “create”. Before you drop the shovel and walk away in frustration, gather your thoughts, and take yourself through this step-by-step process for planning your garden.

How to Attract Hummingbirds and Hummingbird Nectar Recipe

To attract humming birds to your garden plant brightly coloured flowers and shrubs. Hummingbirds have very little sense of smell but are attracted to bright colours. Hanging a hummingbird feeder in your garden or on your patio will attract these lovely birds. Annuals to plant include beard tongue, salvia, petunia, jewelweed, jacobinia, impatiens, and firespike.

Square Garden Ideas

Something that a lot of people consider is clearing away a round area of their landscape with the intentions of placing a statue or even a bird feeder or bathe in the middle with flowers or shrubbery surrounding the art and decals. You’ll want to consider what some of your options are before you take any steps to digging.

Why Switch to Organics?

Transition to organic sustainability for healthier soil, healthier plants, and healthier foods! Using organic products builds soil health, is safer for the environment, our children and pets. Switching to organics is easier than you think and cheaper than chemical applications.

Garden Color Design – How to Use Contrasts and Create Harmonies Effectively

Contrast and harmony are desirable qualities in the garden because they establish a composition that has both unity and diversity. Shape size and form, like color, are responsible for the extent to which a composition works, but because the eye picks up color first, it is the most crucial factor in determining the character and quality of the garden. Harmonious colors like harmonious shapes are those that are similar but different to each other.

How Can You Attract Butterflies to Your Garden?

Butterflies can be attracted to your garden by a variety of methods including planting brightly coloured flowers and bushes, providing food in the form of rotten fruit or by providing other places where they will congregate. To attract butterflies to your garden you need to provide attractive food in the form of brightly coloured flowers and feeders and puddles for drinking water.

Lemon Scented Herbs

Many herbs emit beautiful and pleasing fragrances and an herb garden can be a symphony of varying fragrances. There are four different herbs that all emit a sweet and tangy lemony fragrance and make a great addition to any herb garden.

Erica’s – Much Needed Winter Colour!

An oldie, but a goodie, Erica’s seem to have been around for years. It is one of those plants that is continually served up to us a garden centres year after year. People are drawn to the mass display of its vibrant colour amongst the autumn/winter colouring that besieges centres at this time of year.

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