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Preserving Cut Flowers and Rose Bouquets for Lasting Beauty

Exotic flowers come in a variety of colors and scents for us to enjoy in our homes and gardens! The most beautiful of which may very well be the blue rose. Some believe the blue rose signifies mystery or attaining the impossible and able to grant the owner youth or wishes.

Lawn Care and Grubs

Looking after a grub problem on your lawn is essential and it is fairly easy to do too. There are certain things that can cause damage to a normally perfect and healthy lawn, with one of these things being grubs.

Adventitious Rooting

There are quite a number of species of both container and garden plants which can be propagated by taking cuttings from them. These are ones which already have small roots developing along the trunk or stems of the plant.

Indoor Hydroponics Systems

Though plants have been traditionally grown outdoors in soil, with the use of hydroponics techniques, it is possible to grow plants indoors, in fact in any place.

Compostable Garden Planters

Would you like a more natural alternative to using those plastic planter containers? Well, here is a project for you, where you can have an interesting planter during the growing season, then throw the container out in the garden for mulch, without having to add to the world’s landfill problems.

Budget Veggie Gardens From Kitchen Scraps

It does not matter whether you put your kitchen scraps in the compost or the bin, did you know that you could grow many of your favourite fruit or vegetables from those scraps. Indeed, unless your compost is very well matured you will find stray veggie seedlings may appear wherever you deposit the compost.

Landscape Fabric – They Myth of Weed Fabric

The concept of weed fabric is simple enough – the fabric smothers the weeds and prevents new weed seeds from sprouting. But, in order to create space for plants, holes must be cut into the fabric at least the width of the root ball of the plant. In essence, this creates a Swiss cheese effect in the weed fabric and, thus, allows room for weeds to flourish.

Support Your Plants

Staking plants for support is important for vegetables and flowers. Round or square wire cages are sometimes used for offering structural support for tomato plants. Trellises are also a commonly used support structures. Even a section of lattice fencing or stretch of chicken wire can be used to support plants.

Alternative Pots

Next time your out at the nursery ready to buy a garden pot to plant up a new plant stop and think. Do I really need to buy that? Stop and take a mental inventory of what’s in your cupboards or shed at home.

The Home Vegetable Garden

In truth, one of the neatest possible effects from visiting others in their gardens is the generation of new Ideas. Start your garden by partnering with some one at first. My experience with vegetable gardening was with my dad at age eleven. He was invited to use a ten acre tract of land from Ms Studts; a lady who needed someone to keep an eye on the property a few years until her family’s estate became settled

Green Manure – Cover Crops

Green manures are also known in organic gardening circles as ‘cover crops’, and are grown specifically to benefit soils and not for display or consumption purposes. Green manures can replace and replenish nutrients that have been leeched out of soils and can improve soil structure. Green manures also help to stabilize nitrogen in the soil when animal manures are unavailable or impractical to use. While most small garden owners don’t utilize green manure crops in between planting seasons, they are beneficial to all types of gardens.

Growth Influencing Factors

In conventional cultivation, plants are grown outdoors. Though plants get all the growth inputs outdoors, they are also exposed to pests, parasites and the vagaries of the elements. That is the way Mother Nature intended it to be. But man had different ideas. He learned to grow plants under simulated conditions in indoor grow rooms.

Things They Try To Get You To Buy

The things that people will try to get you to buy! I recently saw an ebook ‘Grow your own Square Watermelons’. Now really, a book telling you how to grow square watermelons, pumpkins, squash, tomatoes or just about any other fruit…..

Secret of a Green Thumb

Are you one of those people who say “I can’t get plants to grow”, “I can kill any plant” or something like “Every plant I touch dies”? Then read on. Conversely, how often have you heard some people described as being the opposite? “…Has a green thumb”, “…Has such good luck with plants”.

To Weed or Not to Weed

A constant battle of every gardener is the continual fight against weeds growing in the garden. Here’s a few reasons why you shouldn’t treat them as so much of an enemy of your normal garden.

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