Most Popular Houseplants for a Health New Year

Teak Tables are Durable, and Strong

Today Teak is affordable but still runs towards the high range of hardwood prices. But its durability, strength and beautiful honey tones, that mellow to a soft gray as the wood ages, makes it worth the price. Because Teak is not a food source for termites, it is especially prized in areas where termites are found in great quantities such as in the U.S. Southern states, Africa and India.

Lighting Tips For Orchid Care

Light is only one consideration when talking about orchid care but a very important one and shouldn’t be neglected.

Deck Railing Installation

Choosing the deck railing for your deck and home will be dependent upon many different things. For one thing, you need to determine what style of deck railing would work best for your home and deck’s style. You are only bound by your imagination and your budget, so doing your research beforehand will allow you to find the deck railing choice that is right for you.

Roses – 10 Tips for Caring For Your Roses

Roses are the most difficult flower to manage and keep healthy. Taking proper care of your roses can seem like a very taxing, and time consuming thing to do, but the results of such care far more than make up for it. Following are 10 tips for caring for your roses.

Greenhouses – Building a Greenhouse

Thorough planning and preparation is essential before starting your greenhouse project. Building a greenhouse need not be time-consuming or expensive. Your design will very much depend on your home’s home architecture, space and plants that you want to grow, cost and available location. Make sure yours will provide the environment suitable for your chosen type of plants.

Container Gardens – Big Growth in Small Spaces

Container gardens seem to be getting more popular by the day. Small, manageable gardens in flower pots are ideal for expert gardeners, beginning gardeners, and children. Are you afraid to plant big garden? If so, plant some container gardens instead and watch your plants thrive and grow.

Building A Winter Greenhouse

If your passion for gardening eats most of your available time, then it is advisable that you set up a greenhouse which will keep all of your treasured possessions. The months of the winter time is mostly the hate season of a gardener like you. It is during these winter months when the flowers that you’ve painstakingly grown will be covered with ice and will be set to death by the cold breeze.

My Little Secret With Rose Cuttings

Problems with getting cuttings to take? Then use my “little secret” to increase your strike rate.

Designing Your Garden – Focusing On Focal Points

Gardening time is here again! You have grandiose visions of a lush green paradise, picturesque flower beds and picture perfect tomatoes and other vegetables. You see yourself lazing in a hammock with a good book, and breezy summer nights with neighbors jealous of your good fortune. Right? Well, something like that, I’m sure.

John Deere Mowers – Commercial Grade Equipment

John Deere has put their stamp of quality on the first zero turn mower, the all new Z Trak series. This adds to their collection of front-mounted riding lawn mowers and commercial walk-behind mowers.

All About Orchids

What do you know about orchids? Find out the basics with this article.

Keys To Growing Stunning Bonsai Trees

Discover the keys to growing stunning bonsai trees and you could have your own beautiful bonsai trees in no time at all.

Organic Pesticides for Safer Living

Recipies for natural living by using organic pesticides.

A Brief Look at Three Common Lawn Diseases

Lawn diseases can be a real pain in the neck and they can do serious damage to your lawn. Learn the three common lawn diseases and what you can do to get rid of them in this article.

Pruning A Tree – The Right Way

Let me say this very strongly: Never, ever, prune a tree, by any means other than cutting back to a lateral limb, branch, or trunk! Never allow your lawncare company or tree care professional to do it to your trees!

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