Monty Don: Gardening qualified shares easy way to suppress weeds in February

Gardening pro and guide host of BBC Gardeners’ Entire world Monty Don has shared what work eager gardeners can be getting on with in February. The back garden pro shared his assistance each thirty day period on his weblog, Monty One particular of the careers gardeners can do this thirty day period is “weaken” and “suppress” weeds by mulching them.

Monty said gardeners should really spread mulch on any bare soil and in flower beds and borders.

He explained the system as “very successful but very simple”, and a strategy that tackles the two once-a-year and perennial weeds.

He continued: “All you have to do is spread a layer of organic material more than any bare soil.

“This will do 3 vital positions simultaneously.

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Nevertheless, Monty mentioned he has stopped applying it as most growers now put some peat in it.

He claimed he will not use it once again until finally the compost is certain to be peat-cost-free.

Peat incorporates carbon which implies when it is distribute in a field or garden it can flip into carbon dioxide consequently adding to greenhouse gas levels.

The way peat is harvested usually means it drains bogs, destroying endangered habitats.

The Governing administration introduced very last yr that it intends to ban the sale of all peat compost in backyard centres by 2024.

As a substitute, Monty instructed working with dwelling-made compost, council environmentally friendly squander, some proprietary natural and organic peat-cost-free compost and bark chips.

He ongoing: “I have made use of the latter for lots of many years on our grass borders as they are marginally ericaceous (acidic) and have very low fertility, the two aspects which are beneficial to ornamental grasses.

Whatsoever you use it is important to spread it thick adequate – no less than two inches deep and 2 times that if you have sufficient product.

“It is better to to do half the back garden effectively than all of it with much too slim a layer of mulch.”

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