Mimosa Pudica (Shy Plant) Moves When You Touch It! | Full Grow Guide

How to Plant Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato is a very healthy root vegetable which belongs to the Convolvulaceae family. Growing of sweet potatoes is a highly joyful and gratifying form of activity. If you wish to learn the basic facts about planting sweet potatoes in your home gardens and backyards here is an informative piece of knowledge available to help you.

How to Plant Raspberries

Cultivating raspberries is a very technique sensitive task and it requires paying attention to great details to get a good harvest. The raspberry plant requires a lot of sunlight to grow. The soil choice is crucial. Usually a sandy loam type of soil having plenty of organic material is needed.

Orchid Secrets – 5 Essential Tips

Learn the techniques to successfully growing orchids in 5 easy but important steps. Once you learn these basic fundamentals, or orchid secrets, you will be on your way to orchid-growing success in no time.

How to Prepare a Raised Garden Bed

If your current planting goals include vegetation that necessitates good water flow, I’m positive you know how frustrating it would be to have a lawn that just will not cooperate. Numerous plant life can easily manage any surplus water that happens from being in an area that doesn’t drain appropriately. In reality, it might just trigger them to bloom much more.

The Best Methods to Follow When Orchid Pruning

Orchid pruning will allow orchids to increase the process of photosynthesis and thus grow greener leaves and more beautiful blooms. Pruning is an important part of keeping an orchid healthy and vibrant.

Zebra Plant Care – 3 Practical Tips For Striking Green Foliage and Bright Yellow Spikes

The zebra plant is also known as the Aphelandra squarrosa. It is mostly grown for its attractive foliage and colorful spikes. It has bright green oval shaped leaves, and yellow spikes at the end of the plant.

What Should You Know About Organic Gardening?

Realizing that the use of pesticides and fertilizers are detrimental to our health and our planet, people are changing their eating habits by either including or going completely to organic foods in their diet. Organic vegetable gardening is not really a new concept; it was quite prevalent during ancient times when there were no synthetic chemicals. People thought that science and technology could help us make a better quality of crops by using chemical or inorganic fertilizer.

Who Are the Biggest Enemies of Organic Gardening?

PESTS – we really should highlight this word. Pests are the biggest and main antagonist in a play between the gardener and his organic vegetable garden. Eliminating pests can truly be a back breaking chore, and a seemingly never ending battle to get great vegetables.

How Can Organic Gardening Help Nature?

Nature is at the brink of disaster. We have abused this planet so badly that some believe it is at the point of no return. We helped make the mess and now it’s time to stop and fix things, if at all possible. How can we help heal the pain our planet is feeling? (and yes the planet feels, as does every living thing). One answer is by growing an organic vegetable garden – it’s as simple as that.

How Do You Attract Birds to Your Garden? – Part 2

In part one we talked about making sure water is available to attract birds to your garden. Another key element to consider is that birds do need to eat. By having a variety of seeds around during the winter and spring, you stand a good chance of attracting a variety of birds to your garden. You will want the birds to start coming to your garden before you start growing your plants. There will be a lag time for the local birds to discover that you are laying out a feast, and you’ll need time for them to tell their buddies about the spread you are providing.

How Do You Attract Birds to Your Garden? – Part 1

One of the keys that will enable your organic garden to flourish will be to attract the right kinds of birds. Birds will play a symbiotic role with you and your garden. They will eat the insect pests and you will get good healthy plants. While you may like this idea, since it will save you time, money and added effort, you may wonder how this will work. It’s not like you can hang out a sign that says “Birds Welcome Here” and then get the right flock coming to your garden.

Orchid Information Every Grower Should Know

Caring for them are often seen as difficult and only reserved for the experienced. Although all orchids are not the same, there are some basic guidelines in caring for this plant. Here is some basic care information for orchids.

Caring For Roses Reviewed

Roses are probably the most beautiful and most loved flower in gardens everywhere. But there is a misconception that caring for roses is a difficult activity.

Unique Hydrophonics System Makes Gardening Easy

The Bubbleponics system is the newest, coolest thing in hydroponic gardening. It was developed by Stealth Hydro and, according to their website is a “Breakthrough Hydroponic Technology.” The first thing I thought of when I heard the name of the device was, of course, a bubble bath, so I had to do more research and see where the name could have come from.

A Beginner’s Guide on How to Water Orchids

Most people think that plants need as much water as they can to grow. This a common mistake especially among orchid enthusiasts. It is vital be be aware of how to water orchids. They require an adequate amount of moisture in order to bloom, together with the right amount of light, fertilizer and care.

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