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Rose Bushes – The Basics Of Planting Your Own Rose Bush

For many years, lovers have given roses and poets have written of their merits. Now, you may be considering showing how much you love roses by planting your own rose bushes. No doubt you’ve heard a lot about how to take care of roses.

Propagation, When Is The Best Time To Do It?

If you are a beginner at rose gardening you have probably heard the phrase rose propagation and you are quite sure what it is and how to do it. Propagation is a term used to describe reproduction in the plant world. You can propagate you roses by using seeds or taking a cutting from your existing rose plant.

On Fertile Ground

Soil is the most important thing you need to worry about when starting a rose garden, or any garden for that matter. If you do not have the right soil mix you will not even have to worry about pests in the summer and maintaining your roses through the winter. Without the right soil it is possible that the beautiful roses that are suppose to appear during the growing season may not every show.

Let It Rot – Five Guidelines For Composting

Compost is what is left over when organic matter decomposes. Organic matter can be things like vegetable scraps, leaves, mowed grass and any other garden waste. This material will decompose without any assistance at all, though you can help it along and enjoy the benefits of compost faster if you wish.

Tips On Growing Bonsai

Bonsai is the fine art of “growing miniature trees in pots”. It is an ancient art that has its origins in the Far East. Bonsai is the Japanese translation of the Chinese word pen- jing, which means ‘plant in pot’

Making Your Lawn Organic

You may be wondering what an “organic lawn” is. Well, don’t let the name fool you, an organic lawn is in no way different from the lawn you have outside. What makes a lawn an organic lawn is how you maintain your lawn, specifically by using no artificial pesticides or fertilizers.

Best Nutrient Solutions for Summer Growing

Summer means heat. If you live in a warm place, excessive heat can affect your plants, especially those grown indoors. Some plants thrive in plenty of sunlight while others will require shade. Because of the summer heat, plants often do not get the water they require.

Easy Water Gardening

If you’ve wanted to add water to your landscaping, a water feature is the perfect, easy way to get started. Water features are today’s hottest trend in landscaping.

The History Of An Exotic, Romantic Flower – The Orchid

Most of us regard the orchid as a beautiful, exotic and romantic flower. Most are also unaware of their spectacular history and the passionate efforts which have gone into finding, cataloguing and creating the orchids which we enjoy today.

Indoor Gardening – A Look at the Tools You Might Need

There are a variety of ways to deal with the hostilities of your local climate. Some gardeners like to install irrigation systems to deal with arid conditions or mesh coverings to reduce the overall heat in the very sunny South. In areas with the combination of poor soil and poor rainfall, raised bed gardens using techniques like square foot gardening or other forms of container gardening combined with self watering containers like the Earthbox are a way to work with nature to carve out some form of vegetable or flower garden.

Tips For Attracting Butterflies To Your Garden

Butterflies can be beneficial to your garden, as well as pleasant and relaxing to watch. Learn to attract these colorful insects to your flower garden.

Attracting Birds To Your Garden Could Make Gardening More Attractive To Your Children!

There are many reasons for attracting birds to the garden. On of the best is the educational potential for children.

How to Have Your Own Garden Retreat

Learn to create a garden retreat to enjoy your time at home. Summer days are too precious to spend them inside, so why not relax in your backyard in your own special backyard oasis?

How to Set-Up and Use Filtration Kits

Proper air quality management is vital in hydroponics. Even if you have a small garden, ensure that your plants receive their required air supply. Plants utilize the carbon dioxide present in air to prepare their food. Inadequate air supply deprives your plants of nourishment and makes them droop and wilt. Improper air supply can also leave your plants vulnerable to many diseases.

Bird Baths for Backyard Habitats

Bird baths provide fresh water for feathered friends-an essential component of backyard wildlife habitats. With development destroying bird and wildlife habitats by hundreds of acres a day, homeowners can help by turning their backyards into wildlife habitats. The National Wildlife Federation has guides to creating backyard habitats, and runs a certification program for those meeting all requirements. Follow their helpful tips to create habitats that attract birds, butterflies, frogs, hummingbirds and other wildlife.

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