Michele’s Fall Watering Tips

Hybrid Orchids – A Popular House Plant

Hybrid by definition means the cross pollination of two cultivar, variety or species of a plant. This combines the genetic make up of the two parents. The off spring of these hybrids are also considered hybrids. Learn more about the production of cross pollinatyors and the myriad of exciting plants that are produced. In this article we specifically look at the hybrid phalaenopsis…

How to Grow a Plant Using Hydroponics – 3 Simple Basics of Growing Hydroponic Plants

So you want to know how to grow a plant using hydroponics? It’s a popular question these days. Hydroponics is growing in popularity, and why shouldn’t it? Hydro allows you to grow plants anywhere you want, indoors or outdoors, even with limited space, and requiring no soil whatsoever. Hydroponic growing, when done right, also tends to yield larger specimens. So if you’re interested in getting started with hydroponics, or even already have, here are 3 of the basics you need to know to successfully grow hydro plants.

How to Grow Hydroponics – The Basics of Getting Started With Hydroponic Growing

A lot of people are getting more curious about how to grow hydroponics. After all hydroponic growing allows you to grow your plants essentially anywhere, even indoors or in extremely limited space. Hydroponics, when done right, also produces exquisite specimens and extremely high quality flowers, vegetables and fruits. Here are some of the basics of what you need to know to get started with hydroponically grown plants.

Homemade Hydroponic System – Using Hydroponics to Grow Top Notch Plants From Home

If you’re a green thumb or just want to get started in growing, a homemade hydroponic system could be just what you need to start growing large, beautiful specimens, no matter where you are, indoors or outdoors! Hydroponics allows you to grow plants without the need for soil, meaning that you can set your system up anywhere you want! So what goes into a homemade hydroponics system?

No Garden? Become a Gardening Guerrilla

There are many benefits of gardening. Many people find it to be a peaceful and relaxing pastime and use it to escape from the stresses of modern life. Others enjoy the fresh air and the gentle exercise it provides. Still others appreciate the fresh produce a vegetable garden can produce, especially when times are tough and money is tight. Even the White House has started its own vegetable patch this year.

Grow Vegetables and Save Money

A vegetable garden can help feed your family in today’s tough economic times. Turn a part of your backyard into a garden and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Stay healthy with home grown vegetables, they are good for you.

How to Grow Spinach -Top Tips For Success

Spinach is an easy vegetable to grow. Good in cool climates, packed with iron, vitamins and minerals, it’s a great way to get one of your five a day portions. Why not give it a go?.

Spring Garden Care – Pruning Landscape and Fruit Trees in Mediterranean Climate Home Gardens

Spring is the season for pruning broadleaved, evergreen trees, and cold sensitive species of tropical or sub-tropical origin. While pruning, the home gardener should treat the fruit trees as though they were ornamental landscape trees.

Farming Your Own Backyard

The world’s turn in focus from consumption to production has caused a renewed focus in sustainable living. Cities around the world are finding new ways to use renewable energy and decrease dependency on fossil fuels. And they are trying to stimulate the people to act for themselves and join the movement toward a “Green” planet.

The Importance of Pruning Grapes

It usually takes about 3 years for a grape vine to become mature enough to produce grapes. During this time special care must be taken with pruning grapes in order to encourage better growth.

Organic Farming – Till Or No Till?

We have decided to get this monkey off my back about this crazy controversy with “Till” and “No Till” agriculture and farming. As the organic market is now a twenty billion dollar per year industry you bet their is much controversy over the various methods used in the organic farming world.

Organic Gardening – Fresh Crisp Radishes Grown in Your Own Vegetable Garden

Free tips on growing a thriving crop of radishes in your home organic vegetable garden. An easy and fast growing crop that can be planted in the garden, raised beds, containers and a part of you edible landscape.

Ten Tips For Sharing Gardens to Grow Fruit and Vegetables

If you are thinking about allowing someone to grow fruit vegetables in your garden, here are 10 tips for a successful sharing arrangement. Make sure there is a water source, if there isn’t one, you will need to provide one.

Arrow Garden Sheds Are Great For the Avid Gardener

One of the most enjoyable reasons to have a garden shed is that it can be as unique, original, or beautiful as your garden is. Read on to find out how an Arrow garden shed can improver your gardening experience.

Moon Gardening – Crisp, Elegant White Flowers and Plants to Liven Up Your Garden

If you’ve taken a moonlit stroll in your garden, you may have noticed how brilliantly the color white stands out. White flower and foliage accents can brighten and bring harmony to your garden, and these are my top picks for bold, beautiful whites.

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