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It is been cold and we haven’t had significantly rain. Is there something I should really be undertaking to assistance my crops to endure the winter season? — A.W.

Quite a few of us don’t genuinely believe about watering our trees, shrubs or perennials through the winter. But, in accordance to a rapid check out with the Oklahoma Mesonet (, we have only had a trace of precipitation in the earlier two months.

Dry wintertime air doesn’t enable us a lot possibly, so it is in all probability time to provide some supplemental h2o to our outdoor crops. Here’s why.

Through prolonged dry durations in wintertime, root systems can come to be weakened. When spring comes, outdoor plants may seem to be ordinary and even have new progress fueled by saved strength. Nonetheless, this development can be shorter-lived as the whole plant or sections of the plant commence to die thanks to its incapacity to uptake water and nutrition by its compromised root technique.

As this harm will become obvious in spring or early summer time, most of us will surprise what happened to our crops, and insufficient h2o through the winter will likely not be the initial probable induce we consider of. Also, if this winter season root harm does not get rid of the plant, the plant can be weakened, building it far more vulnerable to insect and illness troubles moving ahead.

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