March is very good time to handle landscape grasses

Monroe White Lily Turf has white berries in the summer.

March marks the commencing of weekly gardening article content by numerous customers of the Multi-County  Master Gardeners Association.  We value the opportunity to provide some thoughts that function for us.  Our group will be doing work in the OSU Extension Gardens on March 5 to get completely ready for spring, rescheduled from February 26.

March is a great time to get your Lily Turf, also known as Liriope muscari, which is the clumping variety, prepared to show its spring and summer season beauty.  In my feeling the most fascinating range is named “Big Blue.”  It grows in clumps. The Monroe White range is usually additional tough to come across but is really desirable.

Another  common wide variety is Liriope spicata which tends  to unfold right up until it fills the full bed.   A more compact floor address is  Mondo Grass, Ophiopogon japonicas.  It is a shade loving floor protect that grows about 6” tall and spreads about 10”.  Some men and women with a shady region increase it like garden grass and consistently mow it.  The Lily Turf that functions variegated leaves is termed Variegata

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