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Why And How Bamboo Enhance Your Life In Feng Shui

Bamboo is a beneficial Feng Shui plant. It encourages the flow of Sheng Chi and symbolizes longevity and good health.

Leave Some Wiggle Room for the Worms

Vermicomposting or vermiculture is the art of composting with red wiggler worms. A great activity for kids, students and gardeners of all levels, vermicomposting is fun and easy, not to mention a great way to get down and dirty with worms!

Save Water, Use a Rain Barrel

Rain barrels are a great way to save water, especially if you’re an avid gardener or regular car-washer. Using a rain barrel to save water not only saves you money, it also reduces the consumption of your city’s water.

Tips On Watching Your Grass Grow

What are you going to do? Watch the grass grow? Who has not heard that one? But the real question is – What if you want to watch the grass grow? Or At the very least to be able to MAKE your grass grow? What if you want to grow that beautiful lawn that the whole neighborhood is talking about? How do you do it? Well, if that is what you are wondering, you’re reading the right thing.

Facts About Topsoil You Need To Know

There are many different substances that can be found in topsoil. Each of these substances in topsoil can be either beneficial or harmful for the topsoil and for the plants depending upon how much of each substance is in the topsoil. In this article I will discuss each of these substances and how much of each is beneficial and-or harmful.

How to Bond with Your Plants through Food Scrap Composting

Who would’ve thought that other than singing and conversing with your plants that composting would be another great way to solidify that wonderful human-plant relationship? Not only is composting a terrific way to added needed nutrients to prolong the life of your plants and garden, it’s also a fun way to bond with and get involved with your plants.

Transform The Beauty Of Your Garden With Solar Outdoor Lighting

One of the fastest rising areas in the services requested of USA landscaping companies is solar outdoor lighting. Find out more about this innovative landscape lighting technique.

The Smart Way To Garden With Shrubs

Garden landscaping often needs to take into consideration the colour provide by flowers, the ease and beauty of stone footpaths, the fruit and shade of a fine specialty tree and other essentials. But without the necessary selection and positioning of some delightful shrubs no landscaping task will be complete.

Simple Tips For Choosing A Tree For Your Garden

Your region and geography will determine the assortment of trees for your landscaping design. But you’ll certainly still have a load of options. It is always wise to select a species that occurs naturally to your region, as this will capitalize on your likelihood of success and lessen the need for care.

Gardening For Wildlife – Biological Warfare For at Home and in the Gardens

Nature offers up biological warfare in plants and other insects. Keep biting insects at bay with mint. By not using insecticides, good insects will control aphids and other pests.

Find The Right Plants For Your Greenhouse

Now, you’ve put loads of energy into designing and installing your greenhouse. You’ve added a variety of tools to assist you, such as a watering system, pot, shelves, tabletops, and cabinets. It is now time to enjoy what greenhouses are all about – that’s plants!

Selecting The Ideal Leaf Blower

If you have a small garden, or only a few deciduous trees (those that loose their leaves each fall), a simply hand rake should be sufficient for your needs. For those properties with larger gardens, or those with a selection of trees, it can become far easily to use a powered leaf blower.

Tuscan Garden Style

Tuscan gardens and the Tuscan garden style are taking over the gardening world but it’s extremely easy to make mistakes if the real history of such gardens is not understood.

Discover “Bonsai” – Easier To Grow, Than You Thought!

This article will explore the exciting aspects of what bonsai is all about and contain further links below, for you to explore and enjoy. The term, “Bonsai” is derived from two words, “Bon”, and “Sai”. “Bon” means “tray”. “Sai” means, “growing” or “planting”. Putting the two words together gives you “tray growing”, or “tray planting”. Many people think it refers only to a type of miniature tree, whereas it is a method of using quite a number of different trees and plants.

Growing Plants with Artificial Light

Growing plants with artificial lights offers a great range of opportunity when it comes to growing plants indoors. Plants in different stages of growth have special lighting requirements in order to flourish indoors, and it pays to understand their lighting needs in order to meet them and get the best from your plants.

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