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Supplies That Will Help Your Aquaponics System Succeed

To ensure success for your aquaponics system there are a number of aquaponics supplies you have to examine. You should choose the proper supplies to set up your aquaponics garden. The right equipment will help your system grow healthy fish and vegetables in the future.

Hydroponics – How About Starting Your Own Hydroponic Garden?

Let’s begin by answering the question what is hydroponics? Well, hydroponics is a progressed way of cultivating plants with the use of a solution full of nutrients; with this new technique of cultivating the use of dirt or soil is excluded. If you love to garden but face several problems such as limited space, pests or unsuitable weather conditions then hydroponics is your answer.

Grow Giant Marconi Sweet Peppers

I have a new favorite sweet pepper to grow. It’s the ‘Giant Marconi’. Here’s why I like it so much, and how you can grow it too.

Need A New Shed For Christmas?

Are you sure that your shed will last another Winter? The past couple of years has seen some of the harshest Winters for 40 years in the UK and it looks very likely that we are in for another harsh one this year.

Top 5 Lawn Care Tips

A garden lawn should be lush and green, and in order to get it that way and keep it that way, a bit of forward planning is required. Having a beautiful lawn doesn’t need to take up a lot of time, but it does require a bit of effort. Read on for 5 top tips in creating a lush green lawn, and how to keep it that way.

Urban Farming: Grow Microgreens All Year Around In Recycled Containers

One crop that’s quick and easy to grow is microgreens. Urban and suburban farmers can grow these nutritious greens year around in very little space. How? By planting them in pie plates or other containers.

Turn Gardens Into Paradise With Reliable Lawn Service Experts

Maintaining a garden can be easier and more effective with the help of lawn service experts. These experts can provide you with the ideal solution that can help make your gardens more luxurious and appealing.

3 Great Insects You Want In Your Garden

In order to control the bad pests in your garden, it is important to increase the number of beneficial insects in your garden. Here are three insects that you want in your garden, and tips to help introduce them into your garden.

New LED Grow Tents Revolutionize Horticultural Light Reflection

If you are trying to define the “most reflective” surface you have to take into consideration the wavelengths of the light involved. Fusion Film has been designed to reflect only the spectra needed for horticulture. Up until today all grow tents have been lined with Mylar, which is a silver reflective material that was designed for use with full spectrum light sources such as HID or HP lights.

16 Tips for Perfect Lawn Mowing

This article lists 16 Tips to remember to perfectly mow your lawn. It answers the questions: how to best use lawnmowers, how to mow a lawn and how to mow a lawn safely.

CFL Grow Lights in Comparison

A detailed description of how and why CFL grow lights are superior to other types of lights. This article also includes information relating to their efficiency and productivity, with brief scientific explanations.

The Negative Aspects of Fertilizer Use

Some people think that lawn care is strictly a spring and summer job, but if you want to really care for your lawn you need to be maintaining it throughout the year. Many people choose to use fertilizer throughout the year to keep their grass nourished and their lawn lush, but fertilizer isn’t the only lawn care tool you can use to keep your grass healthy.

Fluorescent Grow Lights for Indoor Gardens

There are several lighting options available for the indoor gardener. Fluorescent grow lights offer several clear advantages that are discussed in detail.

Heirloom Seeds – Excellent For Our Next Generations

Planting heritage seeds at home is an excellent way to ensure our future. With many plants and species becoming extinct today, raising just one heritage vegetable can make a major difference. The more heritage garden plants we cultivate within our gardens, the more we’re helping to preserve the many varieties and therefore assuring their existence for a number of years in to the future.

Winterizing Your Roses With Confidence

Roses are not as delicate as we think they are but they do need a little attention to get ready for the winter months. If certain steps are not taken this could mean disaster for those beautiful creatures that give us great joy during the summer.

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