Liquid Iron Chelated

Garden Cloche – A Simple Greenhouse

A cloche, either glass, water filled or plastic can help protect plants in the garden from temporary cold snaps in the spring, extending the season by an additional three or four weeks. This simplest of greenhouse structures can be a very useful way to get an edge on the season by allowing earlier planting of garden vegetables and flowers.

Indoor Gardening

Having a nice-looking indoor garden adds a certain dash of life and natural flavor to any home. Looking at them, indoor gardens look easy enough to do, and it is. But it’s not easy as picking up a few flower pots from the outside and bringing them inside. Take your cue from the following tips.

How To Build A Fast-Burning Compost Heap With Straw Bale

If your attempts at composting seem to take forever to break down to a useable product, try building your next compost heap with straw bale. Remember to get organic straw bales if you have an organic garden. The idea is to use bales of (organic) straw as the external structure of your compost heap – it will hold your composting ingredients.

Flags – Why Are They Important?

How the importance of flags has developed through the ages.

The Beauty Of The Rainbird Sprinkler System

Does your lawn suffer the results of not getting the proper amounts of watering during the summer? Wouldn’t you rather get rid of that old brown lawn and have a beautiful lush green landscape? Well, with a Rainbird Sprinkler System you can have just that.

The Top 6 Maintenance FAQs, and Answers to Them

Water Gardeing is growing like crazy around the country and questions abound. This is an attempt to answer six of the most frequently asked questions of water gardening enthusiasts.

Clothes Line Covers Transform Gardens Into Entertaining Heavens

Clothes line covers are making a big impact in gardens and backyards all around the world. Rotary clothes line covers and the specifically designed Hills clothes line covers are revolutionising the way people dry clothes and use their backyards. With the addition of a clothes line cover the humble clothes line has become stylish and very cool!

Grow Great Tomatoes Using Container Gardening Methods

Tomatoes are large plants when they mature. For this reason, your container size should be at least 12 – 14″ in width or diameter. Any smaller container than this and your tomatoes will not last the season. With smaller pots, the plant dries out early in the season and the bloom simply doesn’t happen. The choice is yours. Whether you want to be stingy now or repent later. Pay for the bigger pot to ensure that you get great tomatoes in August.

Growing Azaleas

For years Azaleas have had the reputation of being a hard to grow plant, and many years ago they probably were. With the abundance of information available to us today allowing us to have access to the latest growing techniques for any plant we want to grow, we tend to forget that our great- grandparents, and even our grandparents often had to learn their growing techniques by trial and error, and a lot of plants that had particular soil, light, or food requirements were more often than not, put into the difficult or hard to grow category. That reputation has …

Redwood Vs Cedar Sign Boards

There has been a lot of talk about how California Redwood makes the better wood sign board. Some sign people even suggest they only use “Clear All Heart” Redwood, most of which is old growth. Well, I’m sorry, I don’t care how well managed or thoughtful – old growth Redwood forests are NOT a sustainable resource. These same folks will often suggest that Redwood takes and holds paint better than Cedar – that Western Red Cedar doesn’t even come close. I’m afraid these folks have it all backwards!

Greenhouses, Hot Beds and Cold Frames – Assess Your Needs

Use the winter months to assess your plant propagating needs and decide what type of plant propagating devices you need. Now is the time to plan and build, so when spring approaches you have your seed starting facility ready to plant.

Creating the Perfect Entrance with Wrought Iron Gates

Wrought iron, a not so new concept, has revolutionized the world of home decor. Right from interior home decor items to the exterior finish, wrought iron lays its wings everywhere. Wrought iron gates are one such offering that is witnessing a continuous market expansion.

Market Availability Of Lawn Tractors

There are lawn tractors and there are some more. The best lawn tractors can be found by different methods. Just fix up your purpose and we will guide you in choosing a best lawn tractor for you.

For a Healthy Greenhouse Supply Good Air Ventilation

To keep your plants happy and maintain optimal functioning of your greenhouse, supply sufficient air ventilation at all times…

Zoysia Grass Instead of St Augustine

Making the choice of Zoysia Emerald grass over St. Augustine grass was an easy one. But, there were many practical reasons that could have prevented that choice. The extra cost and continual lawn maintenance are the first two that come to mind.

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