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I have generally appreciated azaleas and would enjoy to have some in my landscape, but I’ve listened to they are a lot of hassle. Is that true? — B.K.

Oklahoma’s warm summers and chilly winters can make growing azaleas tough, but if you need any inspiration, just schedule a vacation to Honor Heights Park in Muskogee next spring to see a amazing show of azaleas that verify you can be effective with azaleas in Oklahoma.

Rhododendrons and azaleas are in the exact same family members. The time period “azalea” is used to distinguish them as a deciduous plant, which means they have a tendency to reduce their leaves at the conclude of the year, even though rhododendrons are commonly larger sized and a lot more effortlessly in good shape into the “evergreen” classification. Of class, there are exceptions, since a lot of azaleas continue to keep their leaves all yr lengthy dependent on the weather conditions.

Interestingly, fossil information demonstrate that this plant group has been around for possibly 50 million a long time with quite minimal change to their kind and bouquets. This is variety of awesome as soon as you turn into informed of their distinct rising needs.

If you want to plant azaleas, right here are some tips to start off off the right foot.

Opt for an correct web site

Azaleas can be sensitive to wind and sun, so the objective is to plant them in a place where they are at the very least partially shielded from the wind and the afternoon sunshine. Spots on the east or north facet of the house would be correct for this. This form of protection is not only good for the leaves, but also for the root procedure considering the fact that azaleas have a tendency to have shallow root devices, generating them more prone to outside temperatures.

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