Leafy vegetables developed all through doggy days in hydroponic farm

In the scorching summer months, some leafy greens in greenhouses are now wilted in advance of the puppy days. A lot of farmers prevent escalating leafy greens in July and will replant them when it cools down, but in an 8 hectare vegetable base in Jugezhuang Town, Miyun District, Beijing, the water spinach and amaranth in the 4 greenhouses are not only developing well, but the output is also substantial they can be harvested every single 10 days.

Greenhouses no longer idle
This will be the fifth 12 months that the leafy greens will be developed hydroponically, and the 2nd yr that the base will make hydroponic leafy vegetables in summer season. Commonly, lettuce was developed in the greenhouses, but because of to the warmth, it has not been grown there in the previous couple summers.

“The greenhouses are idle in summer, but I hope we can uncover a way to make use of them,” Cao Caihong, an agronomist at the Beijing Agricultural Technologies Extension Station mentioned. The two months in which the greenhouses will not mature any crops will result in the deterioration of the hydroponic tools. As a result, if the greenhouses can be utilised in summer, it will not only boost production but will also cut down gear degradation.

Right after analysis, professionals from the station resolved to plant water spinach and amaranth, as these leafy greens can develop in an atmosphere earlier mentioned 30°C. According to studies, h2o spinach and amaranth also have a strong possible to deliver shoots, which can recognize one particular-time planting and continual harvesting, ensuring that clean leafy greens are supplied through the summer season.

Senior agronomists and experts from the Municipal Agricultural Engineering Extension Station present technological know-how for the foundation to have out experiments throughout the entire procedure, from sowing seedlings and disinfecting to, discipline management, pest management, and cutting regeneration.

“There are lots of specialized specifications for field administration of hydroponic vegetables in summertime. It is essential to management the atmosphere in the greenhouse, adjust the temperature and humidity in time, and at the exact same time disinfect the get rid of to properly kill germs and guarantee the cleanliness of the output natural environment.” Cao Caihong explained hydroponics is distinctive from soil planting: by making ready nutrient solutions, nutrient provide is extra well balanced, and the possibility for ailment is considerably lessened.

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