Leaf composting on your yard, garden is a superior thought.

Rotted leaves are good for the garden. Rake all your leaves into a pile and just leave them.

Leaves are a gardener’s ideal close friend.

Take into account their landscape value leaves from 1 large tree can be well worth as considerably as $50 truly worth of fertilizer. Leaves have twice as lots of minerals as manure. When they crack down, they present gains to the soil and catch the attention of superior organisms.

In a mixed compost pile, leaves are an important “brown” aspect introducing carbon. If standard composting is not probable, why not just leaf compost.

Here’s how:

Just mow them

Mowing your leaves will crack them down. Maintain them ideal on the garden as lengthy as the shredded bits drop under the blades of grass and do not smother the grass, your lawn will advantage by the additional nutrients.

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Use as mulch protect

Shredded leaves can be employed as mulch include all-around your landscape plants. Complete or shredded, leaves make a excellent vegetable garden mulch. Use leaves amongst the rows in a traditional vegetable backyard.

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