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Add To The Drama Of Your Bonsai With These Ground Covers

If you want to add a little zip to your bonsai tree think about some of these groundcovers which can add a unique flair to your design.

Learn How You Can Grow Orchids At Home

If you feel like trying your hand at growing orchids, follow these tips for better rate of success.

How to Make Compost Tea For Your Garden

Would you like to give your garden a boost of natural fertilizer? Here’s a way to make your own by using garden clippings and leftovers from your kitchen. I enjoy taking a cup of tea or coffee outside to my “thinking” spot as my 5-year-old grandson calls it, and enjoy the beauty of nature around me.

How To Choose A Lawnmower

This article gives you the relative merits and demerits of the various types of lawn mowers so that when you go to the market, you are in a better frame of mind and will be able to take an informed decision

The 5 Factors That Affect How Much Water Your Lawn Needs

How much water your lawn needs is affected by a few factors. Learn more about these factors and how they affect your watering practice.

Bored With Basic Bonsai? Try These Advanced Bonsai Styles

If you are a bonsai artist looking for more challenge, you might want to try one of these advanced styles.

Do You Know How to Repot a Root-Bound Houseplant?

It is actually quite easy if you know the basics. It only takes a few minutes to give your houseplants a new lease on life. This article provides a few do’s and don’ts.

Weed Control Basics UK – A Quick Read

Weeds need not be a problem. You just have to know what to do, when, and how often, to beat them completely.

Controlling Japanese Beetles

One of the most bothersome pests for gardeners is the Japanese Beetle. Learn what it takes to get control of these beetles and how you can interrupt their breeding cycle. Start a control method in your garden today and watch these pests diminish in population.

Substitute For Popular Bonsai Species In Cold Climate

Learn about replacement tree for popular bonsai species in cold climate.

History Of Mulberry Trees: Morus Alba, Morus Rubrum, And Morus Nigra

A history of various mulberries and their cultivars… Mulberry trees were well known in the ancient civilizations of the world. They were famous fruit trees, because of the delicious berry fruits that were abundantly produced by fast growing trees-loaded with huge green leaves that were eaten by …

When And How Often Should You Aerate Your Lawn?

When is the best time to aerate your lawn? And how often do you need to do it? This article provides you the answers these questions and more!

How To Grow Your Own Hot Peppers

If you are going to take the plunge into growing your own hot peppers, you might well want to consider including other ingredients you will need for salsas and sauces, including tomatoes, onions, and sweet peppers.

Know And Control Your Lawn Weeds

Weeds exist in every lawn and they are a menace if you do not control them. By understanding a few basic facts about weeds, you can put them under control quickly and naturally.

Soil Test – A Crucial Step Towards A Greener Lawn

Discover why you must do a soil test before embarking on any lawn maintenance campaign. Without testing your soil, you will not be able to determine the best ways to maintain your lawn.

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