Lawn fertilizer, birch tree issues answered

Q. I was major-handed with fertilizing my centipedegrass garden this spring and I think I’ve killed sections of my garden. Will the lawn recuperate, or am I on the lookout at replanting what appears to be to be useless garden places?

A. Listed here is a primary rule of thumb. If you have hurt sections in your lawn that are 3 feet across or greater and there is a lot less than 30% to 40% stay grass in people places, you may have to have to replant. In this situation, there basically is not more than enough are living plant material still left to get better.

Many men and women overdo it in fertilizing their lawns, especially with centipedegrass. A single benefit of centipede is that it does very well with negligible fertilization. Its natural coloration is gentle environmentally friendly, virtually a crabapple green.

Centipede unforgiving when fertilized too seriously or also often. Mainly, all that is essential is a person or maybe two gentle programs of fertilizer for every year — one in spring (no before than mid-April) and maybe a 2nd software in mid to late summer time.

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