La Union calculates its drinking water footprint to optimize the use of water in cucumber cultivation

As part of its environmental obligation method, La Union has established out to know the water affect generated by the generation of a person of its star products and solutions, cucumber, at its facilities in El Ejido, Almeria.

The review carried out in collaboration with Ecoterrae concluded that the Blue Water Footprint (BWF), which corresponds to the volume of drinking water that comes from surface area or underground sources, in the 2019-2020 campaign stood at 50,558 m³/t.

In accordance to the research, immediate use is larger than oblique use for this indicator, accounting for 60% of the BWF. By system, the planting course of action accounts for 60.44% of the BWF, storage accounts for 39.54%, and the transportation of cucumber only accounts for .02% of the drinking water consumption.

The Eco-friendly H2o Footprint (GWF), which is similar to the rainwater integrated in the product or service, was equivalent to zero.

The Gray Water Footprint (GWF) implies the amount of contamination of freshwater derived from the total manufacturing approach. According to the study, GWF stood at 73.101 m³/t. This is described by the quantity of freshwater required to assimilate the polluting load, which is a consequence of the software of fertilizers throughout the cultivation of cucumbers.

In overall, 112,631.567 m³ of drinking water was utilized for the duration of the year of review. Nonetheless, the overall water footprint of the cucumber created by the enterprise stood at 123,659 m³/t.

In accordance to the information and facts from the examine, the h2o footprint used in the 2019/2020 marketing campaign was 38% lessen than in the prior calendar year.

At the time people phases of the production course of action that generate a greater impression on the water source ended up recognized, La Union carried out a sequence of actions that lead to the conserving and optimization of stated water intake.

Among the a lot of other measures, La Union applied smart computer system devices that make it possible for cutting down the once-a-year use of drinking water for irrigation by up to 15%, and hydroponics, an irrigation method that lets water personal savings of close to 80% in contrast to classic irrigation units and that also permits the recirculation of drained drinking water.


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