Ken Lain Explains How to Beat Inflation when Buying Plants

How to Grow Lilies

Lilies are now one of the most popular flowers – both in the house and in the garden – and with their beautiful fragrance who can resist these gorgeous blooms. Although you might not think so lilies are actually easy to grow. You do not have to worry about soil type for lilies and they grow equally well in sunny or more shady areas.

Success With Bulb Container Gardening

There is nothing to give you the feeling that Spring is on it’s way than to see bulbs come into spectacular flower. Even if you don’t have much space or you are affected by other factors such as poor soil, an uncertain climate, not enough sun or limitations in your own mobility then growing in containers provides the solution. Also container gardening is slightly easier in the sense that you can more readily guard against plant diseases and pest problems.

Gourmet Herbs – How to Grow the Tastiest Perennial Herbs in Your Garden

Every keen cook or budding gourmet knows that the right combination of herbs can make or break a meal. Most herbs are at their best when they’re ultra-fresh. Growing your own can give you a year-round supply of the tastiest herbs at a fraction of the cost of buying them at the grocery store, but how do you keep your herb plants at peak performance?

Epimediums For Fantastic Shade Blooms

While Epimediums are not widely grown in the US, they are some of the finest spring-blooming flowers, and thrive brilliantly in shade. There are more named epimediums than most gardeners could ever want, and they vary widely in color and blossom shape.

Pruning Plants in Your Garden

Pruning is done for several reasons. Pruning is done in order to: improve the appearance and heath of the plant; control the size of the plant; prevent personal injury or property damage; train young plants; influence fruiting and flowering; and rej8uvenate old trees and shrubs.

Plant Propagation

There are a number of different methods that gardeners use to propagate new plants. Seeds are obvious, but not always easy because some seeds require they remain dormant for a period of time, or are particular to what kind of conditions they will grow in. If you already have a parent plant, you can take a cutting and propagate with that.

Transplanting in the Garden

Transplanting is the process of uprooting and replant a growing plant in order to transfer it from one place to another. Transplanting is best done when it is not too hot. Hot weather can damage the tender roots of the plant. Water the garden plants to be dug and/or transplanted the day before your do it. This insures that the whole plant will be hydrated, leaves and all, when it’s time to transplant.

Compost Containers

There are several different types of compost containers. Some are built simply with items on hand, while others can be quite fancy and complicated. The important thing to remember when considering any type of container or structure for your compost heap, is that the compost must be kept moist up to the very edges. Another important thing to remember is that it has to be easy for you to get the compost out easily when it’s time to dig it into your garden. Many compost containers can be store bought, and these typically come in wood or plastic…

Potting and Compost Soils

Most types of store-bought potting soils will work well in planters, but you can also use them to mix and blend soils in order to provide just the right mixture for any type of plant, herb, vegetable or flower and their moisture and drainage needs. Container potting mixes offer a variety of benefits depending on the type of soils or plants you intend to grow. For example, following is a list of the most common types of planting soils and their uses.

Garden Care And Maintenance – Growing Plants To Create A Natural Effect

While the hard landscaping features of a garden should create clear shapes and strong lines, the plants can give us the feeling that they have been there for ever. Here are some tips for using plants to achieve a natural effect.

Spring Gardens Attract Buyers

If you’re a keen gardener, you are probably itching to get out there and do something in your garden now. If you are not a keen gardener, but you are planning to sell your home in the spring, you are probably groaning at the thought of having to appear like a keen gardener!

Rules of Irrigation

Watering your garden is a very important function. It needs to be done properly. When watering or irrigating your garden, remember the four ‘Golden Rules’ of Irrigation: 1) Know where to water, 2) Know how much water to apply, 3) Know how fast you should apply that water; 4)Know how often to water. Weather, soil type and plant type affect the rules of watering. Watering your garden is not as simple as turning on the hose and let it run for a while.

Home Composting – Is It Worth It To Get Cracked Up About?

It seems that home composting used to be a thing of the past. Is it picking up in popularity again with the talk of the environmentally friendly phase? See for yourself as you find out the benefits of home composting in your backyard.

When Is A Yam Not A Yam, Or Is It A Sweet Potato?

So you thought what you purchased at the grocery store is really a yam. It could really be a sweet potato. A definition of a yam may change your mind.

Hydroponic Gardening System

Whether your interest lies in growing flowers or vegetables, the Hydroponic Gardening System, is for you. It is an easy to start, low cost and highly productive and personally, a very rewarding recreation or past time, that will show maximum yield, flavour and colours to whatever you grow. Whether you garden for fun, food or for profit, you also get to reap the rewards of hydroponic gardening without breaking the bank.

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