Keeping Plants Green in the Summer

Garden Design – Creating A Natural Garden In A Small Space

Most people who own their own garden do so at least in part, because they want a touch of nature in their backyard, as way of relief from the glass, concrete and asphalt of urban life. Is it possible though, within the confines of a town or suburb plot, to develop a “natural retreat” in a space that is inevitably artificial and manipulated? The short answer has to be negative.

Indoor Herb Gardens – Attractive and Delicious!

Do you enjoy cooking or gardening? If so, an indoor herb garden may be a perfect choice for you. They are fun, useful, easy to maintain, and most of all delicious!

How To Have More Vegetables In Your Organic Garden For More Of The Year

Succession Planting is the practice of planting the same type of plant, but at timed intervals – for example a month apart. By doing this with vegetables that you use a lot, you will be able to create a much longer supply for your family.

Venus Fly Traps – Eliminate the Flies!

The Venus Fly Trap (Dianaea muscipula) is one of the most popular and intriguing plants that can be grown in the UK home. It’s known as a carnivorous plant, or meat-eating plant…

Greenhouse Accessories

In a greenhouse, it’s important to choose the “furniture” of it to maximize space and the growing capabilities if the plants. If you can recreate the climate and environment the plants should be in then you’ve got it cracked!

Tomato Gardening – Winter Planning for a Summer Garden

Your bountiful harvest of tomatoes starts with proper planning before planting season! Learn how to plan a tomato garden that will bury you in fruit, come summer.

Fertilizers Solubility

When you apply fertilizers through the irrigation water, it is essential that you know some important facts about fertilizers solubility. What Is Fertilizer Solubility? Solubility of a fertilizer is the maximal amount of the fertilizer, that can be completely dissolved in a given amount of distilled water at a given temperature.

Introduction to Soils for Container Gardening

Any planting endeavor begins with the soil. Of course, you can use ordinary garden soil or dirt from your back yard to fill your various pots and containers, but “regular” garden soil and dirt is generally riddled with weed seeds and disease-causing organisms. In addition, most types of backyard garden soil, even the best topsoil, are lacking in adequate nutrients and can also become much heavier after watering.

Types of Containers and Proper Drainage

When choosing containers of various types and sizes, think about drainage and porosity. Plants can also suffer if containers drain too quickly. Several popular containers, such as unglazed terra cotta and wood, dry out faster than materials like plastic and plants in such containers must be watered more frequently. Even though these types of containers drain quickly, they are beneficial because they prevent plants from becoming waterlogged.

Successful Container Gardening Requires Adequate Drainage

Adequate drainage is a must no the type of plant or container you use in your garden. Waterlogged soil is one of the major culprits of damaged and dying plants and it is essential for every container you use to have enough drainage holes to avoid potential problems. Even having too many drainage holes is far better than not having enough.

In the Shade Down by the River Under the Silver Maples You Can Successfully Grow Tomatoes

Vegetables especially tomatoes, can be difficult to grow in shady conditions. However, there are ways around this. Discover the 3 ways that you can grow tomatoes in less than ideal conditions. Also, find ways to grow other vegetables in the shade.

Choosing A Hedge

This is an introduction for those wondering what sort of hedge to choose for their garden, farm or project. It is appropriate for temperate climates and especially for the United Kingdom.

How to Grow Bonsai Trees

In order to grow bonsai trees there are some things you will need before you begin. This includes having the right bonsai tools and equipment for your bonsai tree.

Understanding Botanical Names

Botanical names and common names, genus, species and cultivars. When I first started gardening, my head was swimming with all the garden terminology which was so new to me. All I wanted were a few of those daylily flowers to put into a small garden area.

Climbing Roses – A Special Way To Grow A Special Plant

Growing a climbing rose involves some work and expense. When trained according to the espalier technique, the results can be spectacular.

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