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Bugs in Our Gardens – How Soil Health and Balance Eliminates This Issue

Garden pests, we all got ’em. The question is, what do we do about them? Over and over I have found two things that make the whole bugaboo less of a concern: healthy soil and balance.

Lawn Garden Soil Test Kit Helps Backyard Gardeners Grow Lush and Healthy Plants

The key to good gardening is to understand the importance of a proper balance of nutrients in the soil. A laboratory test that checks your soil could provide the answers to the problems that you face as an a backyard gardener.

Secret Bonsai Techniques

Bonsai techniques are certainly not new. There is a wide range of rank among bonsai. One can easily distinguish a mere potted plant from a noble old bonsai; but there are many gradations between the two and there is no strict rule to draw a line between them.

Perfect Partial Shade Perennial For Zones 3 – 8

If you are looking for a great partial shade perennial which is also easy to care for, Northern Sea Oats is your answer. Just hearing this perennial grass blowing in the breeze reminds you of carefree days at the beach, and it’s a wonderful addition to gardens in zones 3 – 8.

The Classic Bonsai Plant of Japan

The history of the cultivation and appreciation of the bonsai plant is a very long one. The material used is almost boundless as to variety of plants and is no longer limited to the woody kinds only. Read this article to learn how the old-timers worked with bonsai.

Bonsai Help – The Techniques of Growing

Yeddo spruce is an ideal tree to select to create bonsai. Bonsai help is given in this article so that you will be able to grow beautiful trees.

A Beginner’s Guide to Bonsai Gardening

The majority of the dwarfed potted trees or bonsai generally seen are developed from ordinary nursery stock or from somewhat dwarfed trees found in a natural habitat. Read this article to learn how to train the branches and create a beautiful bonsai.

Vegetable Gardens For Small Apartments

Let’s face it; growing a home garden is not always easy. Add the fact that you live in a small apartment, and gardening may seem way beyond your reach. Don’t despair! Learn how you can easily grow your own fruits and vegetables and even make apartment living work to your advantage.

Gardening 101 For Day Care Centers

They say the best way that children learn is through experience. Outdoor activities are usually what the children look forward to when they are in the day care center. They always love to play in the garden of in the playground. Taking advantage if this, you should remember that you can teach the children how to take care of the environment through planting. If you are already running out of ideas for the children in the day care, this is a fun idea that will make the children learn to be little environmentalists. Through this activity, you will be able to foster in the children a love for the environment which will be beneficial since it will encourage the children to plant more trees in the future.

Home Vegetable Gardening – Preparation Leads to Weed Prevention

Next to wildlife eating your vegetation there is nothing more frustrating then weeds in the home vegetable garden. They seem to come out nowhere, and are extremely resilient. They compete with your vegetable plants for the very nutrients that exist within your soil. The more weeds that you have the more resources they are using which means less for your plants. Here is how you can take a few steps and reduce the weeds.

Easy Hosta Planting Instructions

Hosta plants are a mainstay in many landscapes and gardens, very popular and easy to care for. A remarkable perennial plant that are sturdy and hardy all maintaining a classic look. Most Hosta prefer a shady area but some Hosta like yellow leaved ones, need a period of full sun to appear and function at their finest. For a spectacular display plant your Hosta in a circular design underneath shady trees or use them for an impressive borders along a pathway.

How to Care For Wild Garden Birds

Lots of useful information to help to care for your feathered garden friends! This article covers what, when and how to feed them, what not to feed them and how to keep them safe from disease.

Rose Diseases – The 3 Most Common

Powdery Mildew – This is a fungus that may blanket the leaves and or buds with a fine powder. The powder is generally white and may cause the leaves to turn purple. Be sure to follow as many precautionary measures as you can to keep these occurrences as minimal as possible. If you do this, and you still find signs of some of these problems despite taking steps to avoid it, there are fairly simple treatments to repair the damage.

Plastic Garden Storage – Which Type is Right For You?

Surprise! There’s a lot more to plastic garden storage products than the traditional storage shed. Read on for a brief guide to choosing among the several types of storage products on the market.

Miraculous Advantages of the Free Standing Garden Bed

If you are a gardener with limited mobility and have chronic pain and stiffness such as with fibromyalgia or arthritis for example, you may find you have lost the joy of gardening. If it has become difficult to bend down and pull the endless stream of weeds, and the digging and planting has brought unbearable pain to your lower back, then you need the free standing garden bed. Raised beds are a miracle invention not only for those with physical challenges but to anyone with a home garden, as the waist level of the beds assist us in ease of planting.

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