Journalist Converts 3 Storey Dwelling Into Hydroponics Farm, Earns Rs 70 Lakh/Yr

In 2009, Ramveer Singh from Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, uncovered that a friend’s uncle was diagnosed with most cancers. Upon further analysis, he realised the offender was the chemical-laced on the greens for the life-threatening illness.

“This worried me, and I resolved to maintain my loved ones absent from these kinds of challenges,” he remembers.

The previous full-time journalist, Ramveer determined to give up his occupation and dedicate his time to his ancestral land to increase natural vegetables. “The farm is 40 km away from Bareilly, and I travelled to improve the greens and improve the manufacturing on the land,” he tells The Far better India.

Finally, Ramveeer commenced doing the job as a freelance journalist and advertising the natural and organic farm create commercially on the facet.

hydroponic farming home grown earns lakhs
Hydroponic farm set up at Ramveer’s house.

In 2017-18, he travelled to Dubai for an agriculture-associated event and witnessed hydroponics farming. “I was enthralled about the style of farming strategy. It did not require soil and could be developed with fewer pest infestation. Furthermore, it saved just about 80 for each cent of drinking water demanded for increasing crops,” he claims.

Ramveer prolonged his remain and discovered the farming strategies from the farmers for the future couple of weeks. Soon after returning, he resolved to experiment with the farming technique at household.

His passion and really like for hydroponics nowadays has manufactured him transform his a few-storey property into a hydroponics farm that earns him lakhs.

A household with 10,000 plants

Ramveer started employing pipes and other infrastructure to established up the hydroponics devices in his balcony and open spaces. “I put in two solutions for the farm applying Nutrient Film Method (NFT) and Deep Move Technique (DFT). At current, the farm is distribute throughout 750 sq meter room, hosting in excess of 10,000 plants,” he provides.

He grows okra, chillies, capsicum, bottle gourd, tomatoes, cauliflower, spinach, cabbage, strawberry, fenugreek and green peas. “I mature all seasonal vegetables with hydroponics. The method is created utilizing PVC pipes and circulates the water with the enable of gravity. The arrangement ensures that about 16 vitamins and minerals these types of as magnesium, copper, phosphorus, nitrogen, zinc and other people attain the crops by introducing them in the flowing drinking water. The technique saves 90 per cent use of drinking water,” he explains.

Ramveer thinks that the hydroponic farming approach is much healthier and far better than organic farming. “I experience that the veggies grown in hydroponics farming have better absorption of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, the technique has no risk of soil pollution as a neighbouring farmer practising chemical farming may well expose soil or vegetation by spraying substances or pesticides in standard farming. Hydroponics farming is independent of damaging chemical substances,” he claims.


Ramveer carries on tending his farm found 40 km from his home but is no extended dependent on it. “I really do not need to have to travel a lengthy length for my weekly source of greens. I harvest it fresh new from my farm and use it in the kitchen area,” he provides.

hydroponic farming home grown earns lakhs
Gourd and melons at Ramveer’s hydroponic farm.

His impressive and exclusive farm attracted the interest of passers-by as they felt awed by the concrete building protected with veggies hanging around the sides. “Many inquired and demanded to put in the program in their residences. I have assisted at the very least 10 folks by installing the hydroponic procedure for them,” he provides.

The farmer recognized a Vimpa Organic and natural and Hydroponics corporation that earns him a earnings of Rs 70 lakh a 12 months.

Recently, Ramveer’s hydroponics installation for a farmer in Bihar saved his make from floods.

“Most of the farmers shed their make for the duration of the floods. But I employed the hydroponics system to plant bitter gourd and was saved throughout the floods due to its installation harmless previously mentioned the floor,” claims Sanjay.

He provides that when the industry opened, the regular promoting price tag of the vegetable shot up. “The ordinary rates are between Rs 30-40 for every kilo. But the lack greater the cost up to Rs 80 for each kilo, and I profited from it,” Sanjay provides.

These days, Ramveer is articles with escalating soilless veggies. “I experience happy that my endeavours and special farming approach assisted me and lots of other people grow greens sans harmful chemical compounds,” he provides.

Edited by Yoshita Rao

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