It’s Gonna Get Bad! Our Job Is Keeping Everything Safe!

Teak Bench – Put Some Spring into your Decor

More often than not, people forget that adding a teak bench to their outdoor area can add life to what otherwise seems to be lifeless area of the yard. Teak benches can add style, personality and a little bit of whom you are to the outside area of your home. They hold up against the elements of nature and potentially give you memories to last a lifetime, as they can last a lifetime as well.

A Kaffir Lime Tree Will Spice Up Your Kitchen

Kaffir lime leaves are necessary ingredients for many Thai dishes. Grow a Kaffir lime plant in your kitchen and have fresh leaves whenever you want. Kaffir lime trees are easy to grow and fun to use.

Gardening For Fun, Beauty And Relaxation

When it comes to gardening, make sure that your equipped with the right gardening tools, it will make your job much easier

If You Live In Bear Country, It May Be Time To Take Down Your Bird Feeders

If you live in bear country, it may be time to take down your bird feeders. That doesn’t mean that you have to give up on attracting birds into your yard. You simply have to change your tactics.

Operating Lawn Tractors Safely

The right lawn tractor for you plot can make light work of maintaining your garden. Take some basic precaution when operating it for maximum safety.

The Kinds Of Lawn Tractors On The Market

Lawn tractors can be a very efficient to tool to help you keep your garden neat and tidy. There are many kinds available: you should easily find the one that is right for you with a bit of advice and some research.

Cloning For Kids

What we will be doing is making a new plant from existing ones. This is sometimes called “cloning”, which is exactly what it is. Tissue culture takes a few cells, and recreates them under laboratory conditions. What we will be doing is taking a fairly large number of cells, and reproducing a tree in your garage or classroom.

10 Super Foods You Must Include In Your Organic Garden

When planning your organic garden most people think about the obvious. That is the vegetable plot, or number of plots. That is where we grow most of our organic food requirements. If we think a little outside the box (or plot for us gardeners) we can include many more foods that are extremely beneficial to our long term health and quality of life.

Windmill Palm Trees, Tropical Accent Plants, Cold Hardy for Northern United States and Canada

An article detailing the wonderful cold hardy Windmill Palm, which can even be grown in Canada.

The Top 5 Garden Tools For Your Vegetable Garden

There are hundreds of different garden tools available at most garden centers, just begging you to spend your money. The fact is, you only need a handful of tools to grow a successful garden. Find out what the 5 most important tools are for a successful garden.

How To Plant A Vegetable Garden

If you’ve dreamed of having healthier, readily available fresh foods for your family to eat whenever they’d like, you may have started wondering how to plant a vegetable garden. Planting your very own vegetable garden allows you to control whether harmful chemicals are used on the foods you eat, allows you to have fresh vegetables for cooking or eating raw during harvesting season, and saves you money both in the summer and winter, because you can freeze or can the vegetables you grow and use them throughout the year.

Natural Born Pest Killers – Home Remedies for Pest Control

People are slicing up cucumbers instead of spraying Bug-Be-Gone because they don’t want toxic chemicals in their homes or in their garden sheds. There is growing evidence that synthetic pesticides pose a health risk to humans and animals.

The Grass is Greener with Organic Lawn Care

What’s there not to like about organic lawn care? It’s relatively cheap. It’s better for the environment and it takes less work than your traditional well-manicured lawn.

Trash Talking with Worms – The Dirty Truth About Worm Composting

Worm composting — also known as vermiculture — is the proverbial win-win situation. It gives you a convenient way to dispose of organic waste, such as vegetable peelings. It saves space in the county landfill, which is good for the environment. It gives worms a happy home and all the free “eats”; that they could want.

Let There Be (Plant) Light

Indoor grow lights let you shine a light where and when the sun don’t shine. They allow you to extend the growing season; have a year-round supply of fresh flowers, vegetables and herbs; as well as give your seedlings a head start before you can plant them outside.

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