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Vermicomposting For Beginners – Worms Are Our Friends

Vermicomposting or vermiculture is basically composting using our friendly little friends the red worms and European night crawlers. With their voracious appetites, we’re able to reap in the benefits or their castings for our gardens.

Composting Bad Guys with Chuck Norris

Remember when Chuck Norris was Walker, Texas Ranger? Well now you should remember him as Chuck Norris, avid composter!

Have You Ever Considered Joining A Garden Club

Gardening can add endless hours of fun to anyones weekend project. Sharing your interest to other gardeners is one way to spread your joy of gardening.

Lawn Sprinklers – How Often Do You Need To Water?

One of the biggest issues in using lawn sprinklers is also one of the most obvious. How often do you need to water your yard? How do you know, other than seeing the grass turn brown? Here are some quick tips to help you in knowing how often to water.

Two General Methods to Drying Roses

Roses are exquisite flowers that have decorated homes for virtually 1000s of years. They are without a flaw, brilliant, large, small and just perfect in every way, except for one. A rose will eventually die.

Natural Lawn Care Essentials

In the past, natural lawn care techniques involved making use of foul-smelling concoctions. Today, although old systems are still being adopted, new and more acceptable techniques have also been introduced.

Common Diseases Found On Tropical Trees

Learn about the common diseases that affect tropical tree. Also learn how to prevent them.

How To Care For An Evergreen Tree

Learn the basic care treatment for an evergreen tree and how to make them flourish.

Common Diseases That Affects the Evergreen Tree

Learn how to care for evergreen tree and spot common diseases

A Look Into The Deciduous Tree Family

Learn about the deciduous tree family. The specific characteristics about this type of tree.

9 Facts About Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are one of our most common garden mammals in the UK, they also benefit gardeners because they eat garden pests, so what can you do to encourage and conserve them?

Garden Water Fountains and Safety for Kids

Just because you have children or frequent visits from children doesn’t mean you can’t have a lovely garden pool or a water fountain complete with safety for kids. Consider something like a garden fountain surrounded with stones that has no pooling water in which a little one can come to harm.

10 Facts About Bumblebees

They are frequent visitors to the garden, but what do you know about Bumblebees? What can you do in your garden to help conserve them?

A Bit of TLC For Your Compost

Composting is a challenge for everyone in the beginning, take it from me. But with some tender, loving care, you’ll be able to create the ideal compost pile for your garden.

Tips on Making Flower Arrangements

There is nothing more beautiful than flowers in bloom arranged artfully in a delicate, crystal vase. Do you want to learn how to make those kinds of flower arrangements that often get featured on TV or magazines?

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