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Roses & Their Companions in the Garden

Landscape design ideas to keep in mind when planting roses with companion plants. You may want to plant a garden with only roses (which is always lovely), or you may want to include other plants to create a more textured look. If you decide to include plants other than roses in your garden here are a few steps to follow to help you succeed.

What is a Knock Out Rose?

The Knock Out Rose Family was created by botanist William Radler. Mr. Radler has been a rose enthusiast and grower for many years. Because of his love for growing roses he wanted to make it easier for folks to grow roses with minimal maintenance. In 1988, Mr. Radler fulfilled his goal with the Knock Out Rose.

Growing Roses in Containers – What You Need to Know

Do you have limited space? A small backyard or patio? Think you can’t grow roses in a small area? You can – you have options with growing roses in a container. Surprisingly, many roses will do just fine in a pot. Some simple tips are all you need to get started.

A Few Simple Steps to Planting Roses

Growing gorgeous blooming roses starts with proper planting. You don’t have to be an expert or even an experienced gardener to grow healthy roses. All you need is a little “know-how” to get your desired results. Here are a few things you need to know before you begin.

Climbing Roses – Stunning and Simple

Climbing roses are hardy, adaptable and easy to grow. They will provide you with stunning color and a pleasing fragrance from several feet away. Because they can be trained to grow where you want, they will add style and elegance to any area of your landscape. Climbing roses don’t require much care at all – you just have to be patient in the beginning because sometimes they time to get established.

Growing Roses Organically to Get Gorgeous Blooms

The key to beautifully blooming roses is a healthy plant, which includes the root system. Often we forget about what’s going on under ground – most plants get the majority of their nutrients and water from the root system which is why we want to make sure the roots are healthy. Healthy roots are found in healthy soil – so in essence, the soil is what we are taking care of when using organic gardening methods.

Why Would You Want to Transplant Your Rose?

After all the hard work you put into planting your rose and getting it established, why would you want to transplant it? There are many reasons you may need to transplant your rose; for example you may be doing a room addition and the location where your rose garden sits will no longer be available. Perhaps, you are moving across town and you want to take your prized rose with you. Think it can’t be done?

Long Lasting Display in Large Containers

Wonderful summer containers can be achieved by using lilies, begonias, eucomics, cannas and dahlias. Begonias combine well with many bedding plants and look spectacular with some fuchsias, while lilies and triteleias make simple and effective partnership.

Drainage in Large Containers

All containers need to be given adequate drainage, but you must take extra care with winter containers to avoid damaging the bulbs. Choose a soil based potting compost or soil mix or use a peat based compost and add extra grit, in the ratio of approximately three parts compost to one part grit, in the ratio of approximately three parts compost to one part grit.

Planting in Large Containers

If you are planting a large container in autumn to give a spring display, you have a wide choice of medium to tall daffodils, hyacinths and tulips, which can be under planted with polyanthus, violas, pansies, forget-me-not or wallflowers. Combine any of these with bronze or bright golden foliage and you will have a masterpiece.

Growing Perennial Herbs

Perennial Herbs are fragrant and entirely useful for recipes that call for freshly chopped herbs. They make wonderful teas, sachets and dried herbal wreaths. These perennial herbs include rosemary, chives, angelica, bay leaf, mint, lemongrass, lavender, echineaca, aloe, fennel and oregano. Another perennial that delights feline pets is catnip. There are many perennial herbs to choose from for perennial herb gardens.

Organic Gardening – How to Make Your Own Compost

Finished compost looks rich, dark and clumpy and has that wonderful smell of good soil. The great thing about composting is without much preparation or expense you can try composting to see how you like it.

Most Common Shapes For Your Bonsai Tree

A number of us love to grow distinct kinds of plants in our yard or home because of the bright colors and beauty that they can offer to it. Those who want more of a challenge with the plants that they are tending to must think about owning a Bonsai. This is a type of method that is used to grow distinct types of trees.

Your Own Herb Garden Plants

It is not only simple to grow herb garden plants, but they even provide a fresh scent for your home. These plants are a terrific way for a person to brighten up their backyard. These herbs look beautiful as well as add wonderful aroma to the place where they are planted.

Plan Your Home Herb Garden Layout

All you need to do to start is to sit and plan the layout of your home herb garden. If you grow your own garden you will get a lot of rewards as well as have some fun. This herb garden will let you get back into nature, and you also get benefits from what you grow. It is very cheap to start a home herb garden and you can decide exactly what to grow depending on the purposes for your growing the herbs.

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