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September is Time to Plant Fall and Winter Flower and Vegetable Gardens

While most gardeners around the country are winding down their gardens for the year, Southern California gardeners can plant a fresh crop of vegetables and blooms in September and October for enjoyment during fall and winter. Prepare Your Soil For Fall Flowers: Remove annuals. Break up and till the soil and generously add compost or organic planting mix. You may want to wait a week or two before adding fresh plants. This will give weeds enough time to germinate. Remove the weeds while they are small so they will be less of a headache later on.

How Solar Fountains Work

Fountains have a long history of aesthetic appeal. In ancient times, it was believed that one could live a longer and healthier life if they could see or hear water as often as possible. This appeal, in modern times, has created a market containing a wide array of fountains, ranging from small ornamental pieces, to outdoor birdbaths, to stylized and artistic pieces. And now, they’ve gone solar.

The Many Styles of Solar Fountains

Fountains, with their soothing sounds and pleasing sights, have near universal appeal. Styles and shapes of solar powered fountains are nearly as varied as their wired counterparts. From small bird sippers and birdbaths to elaborate artistic pieces, any homeowner is bound to find one they appreciate.

Cat Repellent Strategy – Contech Scarecrow Motion Detector Sprinkler – Review

A pros-and-cons consumer review of using the popular Contech motion-activated pulsating sprinkler to keep cats out of your yard and garden. There are a few practical problems with using this sprinkler in some situations (such as during the winter months and in areas suffering from drought and water rationing.) For the most part, however, this adjustable sprinkler which uses only about 8 ounces of water each time it’s activated, has proved to be one of my most successful and humane cat deterrent strategies for keeping cats out of my yard.

Home Vegetable Gardening – Taking Care of Blossom End Rot

Blossom end rot occurs for two reasons of which neither is due to any organisms, fungus or plant disease. Follow the suggestions outline here in this article and you will be well on your way to controlling the condition.

Creating a Flower Garden

Flower gardens are an attractive addition to any lawn. They can draw away from distracting gas meters and act as a barrier to unattractive foundations. Setting up a flower garden is not an easy task and needs to be well planned before beginning.

Pocket Farming and Urban Areas are Growing in Popularity

There is a new term for your Urban Dictionary, one I think you should learn; Pocket Farming. This is where folks who live in the city and urbanized suburbs use up every little space of land to grow food. They often have these little Pocket Farms, where urban residents grow fruit and vegetables in the alley ways.

The Perfect Herb Garden Designs

When starting out your herb garden you have to think about you herb garden design. What are the details to make it thrive and be beautiful at the same time. Read more to find this out.

How to Start an Herb Garden

There are many reasons why you would want to start an herb garden. Maybe you simply want to have a fresh source of herbs you can use for your cooking. Or maybe you simply want to create a unique garden that will surely attract attention.

The Hydroponics System – Complexity Made Simple

The average hydroponics system is owned and operated by an expert grower in your area, though beginner and intermediate kits are available for home use to those who are interested in trying out this type of experimental and educational gardening. A good hydroponics system will include explicit instructions, suggestions, supplies, and nutrient recipes for all of the most common vegetables and plants used in hydroponics. NASA researches this two-centuries-old method of growth for determining not only our ability to grow food in outer space, but to weight the possibilities of life and growing conditions on other planets.

Who Else Wants the Healthiest Windowsill Herb Garden?

Knowing which herb garden plants to use is a critical step in creating a beautiful herb garden. Don’t make these mistake and see what to do.

Greenhouse Gardening in the Fall

If you are a gardener who isn’t looking forward to fall and winter because it means the end of your hobby as your plants begin to die off, greenhouse gardening may be a good option for you to consider. We’ll explore various types of greenhouses that might make fall and winter gardening a possibility for you.

Herb Garden Information – How to Succeed With Herb Gardening

Have you ever noticed that cooking shows don’t use herbs and spices you buy from the grocery store? Everything they use is freshly picked right from their personal mini herb garden. Truly, if you want to cook exceptional meals – having your own herbs is something you should definitely be looking into.

Organic Gardens Help to Connect Kids to Making Healthy Food Choices

OK Moms and Dads – what about your kids? Healthy Food Guides recommend kids eat 4-6 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables every day. The best way I have found to introduce healthy foods to your kids is having your own garden. They will want to eat what they grow. Organic gardens help to connect kids to making healthy food choices.

What Are the Bulbs For All Seasons?

Wonderful flowers for every season of the year can be grown from bulbs. As soon as midwinter has passed Eranthis hyemalis or winter aconite thrusts up its shoots, together with snowdrops, early crocuses, anemones and Iris danfordiae.

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