It DOESN’T have to be SO DIFFICULT! Starting Herb Seeds & Advanced Seed Starting

Tips on How Plants Grow

A basic outline on plant structure, and how the various parts of a plant work together to promote healthy growth.

Drought Tolerant Plants in Full Sun Gardens

Areas of your garden that face West or South naturally tend to be much hotter and receive much more direct sunlight. Taking a little time to choose the right plants for these demanding growing conditions can help save you time, money, and water, as well as improve your overall results.

Deep Watering Method for Home Gardens

The Deep Watering method of irrigation, will promote lush and vigorous growth, no matter what varieties of plants you grow.

Add Style to Your Home with a Wrought Iron Gate

If you are looking to add some style to your fence, consider adding a wrought iron gate to it. A wrought iron gate can enhance the look of your fence by serving as a beautiful entrance and focal point.

Decorating Your Garden with Wrought Iron

Home decorating outdoors has never been easier with the help of wrought iron. If you are looking for the perfect garden décor, consider wrought iron. An entire garden can be accessorized solely with wrought iron items including, garden gates and fences, arbors, plant stands and benches.

Get The Green Water Out of My Pond!

If you want to enjoy your pond and are tired of the green water (algae) read on. I have been “ponding” for 10 years and would love to save anyone the frustration of water that you can’t see into, that hides the beauty of your fish and the pond in general.

Seeds: Characteristic You Should Look for from a Supplier

When buying seeds from wholesaler, seeds are sold by weight. Seeds are mostly described with the following terms: Common name Some common names of tree species would be: maple, pine, boxwood. Latin name Latin name of the previous mentioned would be: acer for maple, pinus for pine and buxus for boxwood.

Fall Blooming Wildflower – Zig Zag Goldenrod Solidago Flexicaulis

The Zig Zag Goldenrod is the most unlikely looking member of this large family.

Container Gardening Should Include The Herbal Plant Scented Geraniums

The herbal plant, scented geranium, has been around since the 1600’s. Originally thought to be a species of the geranium, it is not. To plant this herbal garden use your container garden for maximum and lasting pleasure.

What Type of Gazebo is Right for Me?

All gazebos look beautiful regardless of the type you choose. What matters most when it comes to choosing the gazebo is what do you want to be able to use your gazebo for?

5 Easy Tips for Assembling Your Outdoor Furniture

So, you’ve bought a wonderful patio set and you can’t wait to get it together and start enjoying your new purchase. Great! Let’s get to it. But wait, you have what seems like millions of different pieces of wood, screws, and things you’ve never seen before.

Planting Herbs in the Fall

For gardeners who have tried and possibly failed at planting herbs in the spring or summer, you may have already figured out that planting herbs in the fall is usually best for many herbs. Especially for herbs grown from bulbs, planting them in the fall gives them a chance to make roots and they will be ready for harvest in the spring. Since herbs are almost always very-

How To Make Sure Your Wildflowers Survive In Your Home Garden

If you have ever taken a walk in the woods you may have seen all the beautiful flowers that can be found right in nature. Did you think to yourself, I wonder what these would look like in my yard? If you have wondered this same thing, here are a few tips for you to make sure your flowers will survive.

The Chamomile Flower Is Not Just For Looks

The chamomile flower is not just a flower that is pretty; it is also a great remedy for many things. You may not even realize all the things that chamomile can help with, but there are a lot.

Weather Vane – Add Value And Character to your Home

Curb appeal has come to the forefront of the real estate market as being a major factor in the resale value of a house. Many people enhance the exterior features of their home with colorful gardening, or thoughtful additions to the house itself. This is where the stately weather vane can make your home a striking choice to the potential buyer.

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