Investing in the upcoming of agriculture: a webinar

In this webinar, Wally Sullivan and Dr. Richard Rosen talk about the North Region Growers OZ Fund, a undertaking that seeks to remedy 1 of the country’s most urgent challenges although also offering solid returns to investors.

Industry highlight: north nation growers
This single asset QOZ Fund is a proposed 983,844 sq.-foot hydroponic greenhouse facility built-in with put together heat and electricity engines (CHP) to increase contemporary, healthy, safe, and 12 months-round community make in the northeastern United States. The facility will be made in the Town of Berlin, New Hampshire. The facility will contain two roughly 10-acre greenhouses that will be divided by a central perform hall containing business space, processing, packaging, and tests facilities, and staff locker and split rooms. The CHP engines will be found in a specialised, audio-evidence enclosure in the get the job done hall. out?v=XBS3nCdFGfI

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