Investigating the overall performance of hydroponic nutrient options as possible attract answers for fertilizer

This investigate venture aims at investigating the performance of hydroponic nutrient alternatives as draw answers for desalination employing the fertilizer drawn forward osmosis (FDFO) course of action. 6 different lettuce and leafy greens hydroponic nutrient inventory answers had been organized according to the literature and utilised in this analyze and examined on a bench-scale ahead osmosis unit as draw methods for the procedure.

The feed option for the procedure was deionized drinking water mixed with NaCl in unique concentrations, to represent diverse salinities of brackish groundwater. The draw performance of every solution was measured based mostly on drinking water flux, specific reverse solute flux, drinking water recovery, and salt rejection.

It was concluded that of the six analyzed nutrient answers, the “Resh Florida, California” remedy is the suggested answer to be employed as draw resolution for fertilizer drawn forward osmosis, owing to its higher general performance in phrases of water restoration (15.75%), flux (11 L/m²/h), salt rejection (92%), and SRSF (best recorded SRSF for a precise ion (SO4²⁻) was 7.3 g/L), as perfectly as its reduced charge, relative to the other hugely carrying out draw solution “Chekli” ($1.07/L vs. $3.73/L).

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Bassiouny, Mohamed & Nasr, Peter & Sewilam, Hani. (2022). Investigating the efficiency of hydroponic nutrient remedies as prospective attract alternatives for fertilizer drawn ahead osmosis. Environmental Science and Air pollution Analysis. 10.1007/s11356-022-18701-5. 

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