Invasive poisonous worms invading metro Atlanta gardens

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) – The invasive hammerhead or flatworm is starting off to rear its odd-formed head in metro Atlanta now that the climate is turning warmer and much more persons are having into the backyard garden.

“If you mess with them, they get slimy and they do not want to be touched, and they’re just gross little matters,” Curtis stated.

Numerous have posted warnings not to contact the worms due to the fact of the belief the worms carry a specific toxin.

“Tetrodotoxin at times abbreviated as TTX is a quite horrible compound anything which is discovered in Fugu pufferfish,” mentioned James Murphy, an agriculture Agent with UGA Extension Rockdale. It was also identified in the Hammerhead worm, but as significantly as becoming poisoned by touching them goes Murphy said, “It’s not to the stage the place contact it and you’re in hassle territory. If you do want to eliminate them from a area even if they are not acutely harmful likely very best to glove up.”

He explained you would want to ingest the worm for any poison to very likely enter your entire body and also most possible a great deal of them to be seriously poisoned.

Originally from Asia, the worms range in dimension authorities say from inches to even a foot. However, there is evidence they are not so superior for your backyard.

“Undoubtedly they are acquiring some impression in their variety of range enlargement for the reason that they are preying on things, they are eating things,” Murphy reported.

“When I see them now I use anything to scoop them up and provide them in and put them down the trash disposal,” Curtis reported.

Murphy explained if you do test and kill a single by slicing them in half you will have really just produced two new worms and not killed it at all. He mentioned a guaranteed-fire way to get rid of them is to set them in a bag of salt or jar of vinegar.

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